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Arrests are stressful especially when you didn’t commit a crime, and unfortunately unlawful arrests are very common in the State of California. Misunderstandings occur all the time and as busy of a state as California is, unlawful arrests do happen. When defining unlawful arrest many don’t always know what is means or what to do when they find themselves arrested without reason. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will share more about unlawful arrests and what should should do when you find yourself arrested.

Defining False Arrest

To properly know when you been unlawfully arrested you will first need to know how the court system defines unlawful. Unlawful arrest is when a police arrests a person without ample evidence. When a police officer chooses to arrest someone it is due to personal or witness account they committed a crime or they feel the person may be an endangerment to themselves or other. Often people may get an arrest when there is a warrant out for their arrest. Even though they didn’t commit a crime the police officer has the right to still arrest them. If you were witnessed committing a crime or have a warrant out for your arrest it is lawful for the police officer to arrest you. If none of these accounts are not present you may be victim of an unlawful arrest.

Why are Unlawful Arrests & False Imprisonment Common in California?

Within the state of California unlawful arrests are all too common. A study revealed from 2011 to 2015 there were 1.5 million arrest made and about 1 in 3 arrests were considered unlawful or found not guilty. This is a surprising report since many jails suffer from over crowding and do not have enough funding. Even more surprising is many people were falsely arrested for major crimes including murder, rape and theft. On one hand you can see law enforcement dedication in putting away criminals however, often they don’t have sufficient evidence and hope they caught the right guy. When you find yourself arrested and you never committed a crime this is very unjust and leaves you with a feeling of helplessness and despair.

What to Do When Unlawfully Arrested

You may feel very lost and confused when you are arrested for a crime you never committed. However, it important to your future that you prepare to fight back. Your first step is to make bail. There are a number of ways you can make bail, depending on the amount you may want to attempt to post bail yourself or seek for a bail bond service. After posting bail and you are out of jail you can begin working on your defense. First you will want to seek out legal conceal, then seek out witnesses that can help aid you in your defense. You defense lawyer can help guide and seek out what information that can best help you prove your innocence.

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