Busting Bail Myths in Ivanhoe, CA; Bondsman Can’t Get Everyone Out of Jail or Bail Lowered & More

Hollywood movies and crime shows have helped form some opinions about what professional bail bond agents do. Many times, they are portrayed as big, tough intimidating brutes. But they are actually some of the nicest and most helpful people you will ever meet.

What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

When someone is arrested for a crime, they are processed and likely sent to jail. They can be released before their trial date if bail has been set and someone pays it. Many defendants don’t have the entire amount of the bail and will use the services of a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will guarantee to pay the bail amount to the court if the defendant does not show up for trial, also known as “skipping bail”. The bail will be surrendered or forfeited, the bail bond agent can then locate the defendant and surrender him of her to the court and the person that co-signed the bail bond is responsible for the bail amount. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds bust some myths about bail bondsman.

Bail Bonds are Not a Scam

There is nothing sketchy going on with the bail bond industry. It’s a totally legal industry that offers people a way to get someone they love out of jail. If they don’t have the full amount of money the cost of the service is typically 10 % of the bail amount. Bail bondsmen work with you, the court and the jail to get the unpleasant process over as quickly as possible.

A Bondsman Cannot Get Bail Lowered

This is not true. Bail bondsmen can’t get the bail amount lowered. Once bail has been declared it is extremely rare for it to be reduced.

Bail Bonds are Typically Not Cash Only

Bail bonds are designed to be convenient and flexible. Forms of payment include debit, credit, and checks. As long as you make the payments the way you make them is up to you.

Women Can Be Bail Bondsmen Too

Even though the term is bail bondsmen, they aren’t all men. It’s true that more men are, women are also joining the industry, and since people will always break the law, it’s a great profession to have.

Bail Bondsmen Don’t Always Use Bounty Hunters

Not all agencies use bounty hunters to track people down. Doing so can cost more money than just charging the person who paid the bond or put up collateral.

A Bail Bondsman Can’t Get Everyone Out of Jail

Because not everyone that gets arrested can make bail, it is up to the presiding judge to decide if bonds will be given or not. Repeat offenders, flight risks or those that commit serious might not be granted bail. If bail is set, the percentage that the bail bondsman will require may be too much for a family member to pay.

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