California Three Strikes Law. What Constitutes a Strike in Fresno, CA & Results in Accused Needing a Bail Bond?

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California Three Strikes Law

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds offers our bail bond services for a number of offenses. Understanding California’s Three Strikes Law is important when dealing with the court system. Generally, for those that repeatedly commit a felony, the 3 strikes law is a state law that provide harsher punishments. There are 28 states that have heavier sentencing for repeat offenders, including California. Though the circumstances differ from state to state, generally, the factors that apply to the three strikes law include the following:
– Time duration between felonies.
– The degree of the felonies.
– The sequence of crimes committed.
– The trial judge’s discretion in sentencing under the law.

History of California Three Strikes Law

California was noted for being the most severe when delivering punishments involving the three strikes law, but have since began to relax some, depending on the severity of the crimes committed. The implemented three strikes law was set in place in an effort to keep repeat offenders imprisoned. Logically, it was ideal to keep the violent offenders incarcerated to prevent others from being hurt or worse by their remorseless behavior.

Wobbler Crimes

Crimes that can be considered misdemeanor or felony are known as wobbler laws. If the defendant has on record two previous felonies for example, and commits a crime considered to be wobbler, the court can use their discretion to charge the crime as a felony which can then be used to influence the three strikes law and receive a harsher sentence, which in most cases, is often the case. On the other hand, if two felony crimes were committed after a wobbler crime, the three strikes law will not be triggered, sparing the defendant the harsher sentencing. Though the 3 strikes law was challenged as an unconstitutional violation of the 8th Amendment, the Supreme Court upheld the law, even when concerning the minor felonies.

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