Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on a Holiday in Sultana, CA when Courts are Closed?

There are some seasons that bring the best out in people and some that bring the worst out. It seems that the best time of year for people to feel good and want to be the best version of themselves is in the holiday season. The end of the year has a slew of holidays that bring people together and usually give people opportunities to give and serve. That means that there is more cheer and happiness and in turn can have a better outcome when everyone is together. Although most people have a good attitude there is a dark side to the holidays. People are stressed over money troubles, relationships with family they have not seen for some time and also drinking alcohol. These can be things that cause people to get in some trouble and end up in jail. Being arrested is not the way that you want to go through the holidays but if you do it is important to know what might happen. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what happens when you get arrested during the holidays.

Jail is Busy During the Holidays

You might think the holidays would be quiet and that people would stay out of trouble. Although you want to think that, it is very busy down at the jail. The bad behavior is in full force as well with people that are stealing, fighting and more. The jail will see an uptick in the amount of traffic that is coming in during the holidays. It can be anything from thefts to someone that has been driving after a holiday party. They also see arrests from domestic violence when families get together that might have bad blood. They can see people that are stressed out and maybe had too much to drink and then got into an altercation. When the jail is busy the process that it takes to get you booked will take longer as well.

Courts are Closed for Holidays

When you are arrested you will likely see a judge the next day. This is because the courts will continue to operate five days a week. The problem that you will come across when you are arrested during the holidays is that the courts are not open. They will have short days as well as days they are closed all together. You also will have certain judges or rooms that are not working due to illness and being out of town. That means that you will not see a judge right away and could end up staying in jail much longer than you want.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on a Holiday?

If you are arrested during the holidays you want to make sure that you talk with a bail company right away. They can start to work on the necessary paperwork so that once you are able to see a judge they can work fast. The sooner they start the process the faster you can get out and start to enjoy the festivities.

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