Common Crimes During the Holidays in Springville, CA; Bail for Shoplifting, Drunk Driving & More

The holiday season, for many people, marks a season of joy and happiness. The traditions, activities, and parties are in full swing and the masses find more time to spend with loved ones and show more kindness to strangers. Especially where the law is concerned, there are those that simply make poor choices and those that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. When compared to the rest of the year, statistically there are more crimes that are committed during the holiday season. Below are the common crimes committed and we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to list them today.

Theft During the Holiday Season

Not only are there specific crimes that increase during this time of year, the crime rate in general increases as noted from a recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance Company. As to why rebelling compels people to turn to criminal acts, there is a host of excuses people have. When thieves walk up to porches and steal packages is by far one of the most committed crimes of theft. Seeing the creatively wrapped gifts, homes are often burglarized as well.

Holiday Shoplifting

Another crime that tops the list, shoplifting is a fairly obvious crime this time of year. Overwhelmed with customer needs and large numbers, employees cannot detect the shoplifter that slips in and out, as they pilfer what they want with little risk of getting caught without substantial manpower to watch the dense crowds.

Identity Theft Crimes

Among the common crimes of the season that increases is identity theft. With the volumes the names on debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, and lines of credit, dishonest people are ready to pounce. Most are distracted when the unsavory characters are using the identity of shoppers to get away with a good haul as the hustle and bustle of people lets their guard down while spreading good cheer.

Holiday Drunk Driving

The holidays promote more drivers to take the wheel under the influence. Among the merriment comes in many forms, seasonal drinks are widely spread. A lot of people will find themselves getting behind the wheel intoxicated from those spreading good cheer to the other end spectrum where they are drowning their sorrows and bitterness the season brings with alcohol.

Common Seasonal Holiday Crimes

There are countless circumstances that drive people to commit crimes as they holiday season tends to increase criminal activity, no matter if they are looking for a quick thrill or at the brink of desperation. During the holidays, though the above-mentioned crimes are among the most common, the crimes listed below gives you a brief idea of the common crimes committed.
– Identity theft
– Fraud and scams
– Shoplifting
– Sexual assault
– Robbery
– Rape
– Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
– Auto theft
– Family violence

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