Crime Spikes on Halloween in Madera, CA? Do Murders, DUI & Other Crimes Increase?

Some view Halloween as a rather odd holiday. But one night a year, kids and adults alike, even some pets, dress up into various costumes and are encouraged to take candy from strangers, something otherwise forbidden any other night. Despite the fun and excitement Halloween offers, may people associate Halloween with danger and a surge in crime. With scary tales, urban legends, and vengeful spirit stories, there is definitely an element of fear. However, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to share some myths regarding crime on Halloween.

Most Common Crimes on Halloween

Myth: More than any other day, there are more DUI arrests on Halloween.
Though all national holidays in the United States have a higher drunk driving rate than typical days, Halloween doesn’t rank as one of the top holidays for DUI arrests. Holidays that outrank Halloween with DUI arrests include:
– Independence Day
– Thanksgiving
– Christmas
– New Year’s
– Patrick’s Day
– Valentine’s Day
However, there is still quite a few more drunk drivers on the road, statistically speaking, on Halloween than any normal day. If is important you and your kids stay clear of the roads and if you decide to drink, do it responsibly and have a designated driver, or utilize a driving service.
Myth: The most fatal day for children in child-vehicle deaths, is Halloween.
This myth is actually fact in many cities. Though the DUI arrests are fewer, there are more children on the road and is the day of highest rate of pedestrian-vehicle accidents. In fact on Halloween, kids are 4 times more likely to be hit by a moving motorized vehicle than any other day. Make sure to have your kids stay on the sidewalk and when they do cross the street, make sure it is at a crosswalk and they look both ways and ensure it is safe to cross; do NOT assume any vehicles on the road will give you the right of way.
Myth: Sex offenders strike more frequently on Halloween.
California has Operation Boo, which is a state law designed regulate the activities of convicted sex offenders on Halloween. Though these laws are preventive measures, there is no significant increase in sex crimes on Halloween. These crimes still occur on Halloween, but just as often as any other year. Be sure to stay in groups while attending activities and events.
Myth: On Halloween, children are more likely to get abducted.
There is no notable spike in kidnappings on October 31, although there have been isolated cases of child kidnappings on Halloween. In the U.S., the sad truth is that every 40 seconds, a child is getting kidnapped. Halloween is not the only night where sick individuals decide to abduct or hurt a child. Make sure your child does not do anything alone, stay in groups. If they are old enough to go to parties without adult supervision, place a curfew and regular check in times they can text you at.
Myth: Neighbors poisoning candy have resulted in trick-treaters dying.
Though there have been isolated incidents from where disgusting individuals have tampered with candy, the candy handed out by the sweet neighbor is likely safe candy. Some experts recommend staying clear from baked goods and unwrapped candy if you want to be cautious, and it never hurts to be safe and inspect the candy before letting your kids eat it. But according to experts, it is unlikely the candy has been contaminated.

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