Difference Between a Using a Public Defender or Hiring a Private Attorney After Getting Bail in Fresno, CA

When you have been arrested for a crime of any level there is process that you will need to go through. The jail will process you through the facility which is about the same at any jail. When you are arrested and put in front of the judge you will be given a bail amount to help you get out of jail to prepare yourself for your pending case. The best way to go about getting your bail figured out is to call a professional bail bond company. We will work with the jail to figure out what is needed and when you are available to bond out. The next step after your release is to figure out what you want to do about legal counsel. You have several choices when it comes to taking your case to court. One is to defend yourself and not use an attorney at all. The other options are to use the public defender or hire a private attorney. There are some differences that you need to know about when deciding what option is best for you.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Explains the Difference Between Using A Public Defender & Hiring A Private Attorney

What If I Want To Defend Myself?: When you are preparing for your case to defend yourself for potential jail time you should feel confident in the council that you are given. Some people believe they are able to defend themselves in the court. The biggest problem is that you need to know what the legal terms are and when you are allowed to speak and submit evidence. IF you make mistakes in front of the judge you are open to more trouble in the form of contempt. The judge can and will most likely cite you for those and give you more time in jail. Being a good and willing participant in your case is great but being your own council is not the smart option for most people.
Pros & Cons of Public Defenders: Sometimes there are negative connotations when it comes to public defenders. They are thought to be the only job that they can get which means that they can’t be that good. The great thing about a public defender is that they usually start their career defending misdemeanors then getting up to more felonious crimes. You can feel good knowing if you are facing a severe crime that the attorney appointed to you has quite a lot of experience. The public defender will have to be at court on your behalf and will work with you to build your case. One of the negatives are that the public defenders are overburdened many times with several cases at once. It can be difficult to find time that you need to feel confident, or find time to go over what the defender needs from you.
Hiring A Private Attorney: One of the reasons to hire a private attorney is that you will get specialized care and attention. The reason is that you will be paying this particular attorney which means they will set time aside to meet you and go to the court for you. Many times the attorney can go to some appearances at the court for you so that you can continue to live. The downfall is that you will be paying money to this attorney and the case can be costly.

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