Factors in Determining Bail Amounts & How Bail Bonds Work to Prevent Jail Overcrowding in Muscatel, CA

Some vilify bond agents, while others recognize that they perform a needed service. Most of use don’t have the money to post a cash bail if we’ve fallen afoul of the law. Enter the bondsman. He’ll charge you 10% of your bond. A $10,000-dollar bond will set you back a $1,000.

Bail Bonds Prevent Jail Overcrowding

Bail allows for some alleviation of the crowding found in type urban jails. Bail allows for the alleged perpetrator to go back to work and be in more preferred social surroundings. Many who find themselves in trouble are usually more nuisance crimes than anything. The most serious being Domestic Violence and DUI. Many find themselves in trouble do in part to the voluntary consumption of alcohol or other chemical substances that warp the persons perception of reality. Meth and cocaine users can get violent, but are completely different individuals when not under the influence. Arrests are to protect the community and the violator from injury. Once the chemicals are metabolized and they regain their facilities they are no longer a danger and can be released on bail pending a court appearance.

How Do Bail Bonds Work

Once the bond agent is contacted he goes to a bonding insurance company to issue the bail bond. The bond is then served to the authorities guarantying the alleged perpetrator’s appearance in court. No appearance results in revocation of the bail and issuance of a warrant of arrest. On signing for the bond, the accused forfeits their right to extradition and can be picked up by law enforcement or a bail enforcement agent.

Factors in Determining Bail Amounts

The courts have a bail schedule that determines bail rates. In case of grievous crimes like armed robbery, crimes against children or the elderly, terrorist acts and murder the bail is set usually very high or no bail at all. The courts in issuing any bail amount must balance any societal threat, the likelihood of the accused skipping bail and the charges against the defendant. Higher the risk of flight, the higher the bail. The more violent the crime, the higher the bail. Elderly or child victims will usually push the bail amount higher as well. Bail bonds are issued by the bonding company, involve the bonding agent, the issuing company and defendant, and as such are surety bonds guarantying the defendant’s presence in court.

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Why bail? Bail was offered so that the defendant accused of minor criminal acts could be released from jail and open scarce detention resources. Overcrowding is the primary reason, and someone who is employed could still work, pending court appearances. The primary reason is that there is a finite amount of prisoner holding space. Under American law the defendant is of course innocent until proven guilty, a long-standing principle in American jurisprudence. In those cases where accused are not a danger to society or the community peace, bail is appropriate and sometimes issued on a OR (own recognizance), basically their word. This occurs regularly in minor crimes and where circumstances indicate a low probability of a flight risk. All other situations call for bail, again usually set by schedule with no danger to the public or community peace. When you need a bail bond in the Central Valley of California to get out of jail fast, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds!

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