Factors in Determining Bail in Parlier, CA; Crime Charged With, Background, Employment & More

Being arrested is not something that anyone plans for. You don’t set out on a normal day and decide you are committing a crime, being arrested and having to deal with that. The majority of people are picked up on a crime that was previously committed and a warrant has been issued. The other group are being caught or a witness has called about a crime in progress. Once you have been arrested whether it is your first time or not it is a process that you then have to deal with. No one wants to sit on jail awaiting their day in front of a judge. You want to be able to continue as normal of a life as you can while preparing for an upcoming trial or court appearance. If you are stuck in jail there is not a lot that you can do to prepare. After you are arrested most want to start to prepare for their release and that means getting their bail together. A common question is where they can find what the cost is. Can they check a website for the jail or call a bail bond company and get the rates? The problem is that the bail that is set is based on a set of criteria. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what a Judge will consider when they are setting a bail amount.

Bail for Simple Assault, Felony Theft & Other Crimes

The reality is that a being charged with a crime does not mean that you are actually guilty. That does not mean that the judge overlooks the nature of the crime that you have been charged with. The crime does have to be taken into account to ensure the safety of the public as if you are to be blamed for it. The judge will look at the crime and what it means to those in the community if it were to be committed again. That means that if it will cause major harm or damage to one or more people it may end up costing you more to bail out of jail.

Your Background is a Factor for Bail Amounts

Another way that a judge will be able to set a fair bail amount is based on your background. Not on if you pay your bills on time or how many kids you have but what your criminal record looks like. It can be pulled up and if the arrest is not your first time it will cost you. They also will look at the nature of the crimes that you were convicted of in the past. If they are similar to the current arrest it can end up raising the cost of your bail.

Employment & Work History is Part of Setting Bail Amount Process

It is always better to have a good employment or community tie when you are arrested. The judge can look at your history of working or volunteering and say that when you get out that you will continue to work. If you are not employed and you are not being very productive in the community it could be considered that you can stay in jail.

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