Family Member in Jail? Bail Out & What Else to Do in Huron, CA, What to Say & More

Even minor offenses and short sentences can be stressful when you or a loved one goes to jail. There is a lot of stress involved in the personal lives that impacts the stresses of facing the court system. When someone gets arrested, no matter the circumstances, many loved ones want to know what they can do for them. We at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity to share what you can do to help a loved one in jail.

1) How to Visit Someone in Jail

Jails keep an established set of visiting hours. Seeing loving faces can help decrease anxiety and increase comfort levels for the one in jail. Keep in mind each jail has their own set of hours and rules you should know before making the trip to visit an inmate. Some jails may allow direct contact where others limit it. Some jails may require the following for example:
– You may need to have your loved one’s inmate booking number
– Show appropriate photo ID
– To detect contraband, you will undergo a search.
– Jail rules regarding drugs and other contraband must be adhered to.
– Following the dress code.
– Making visitation appointments ahead.
– Arriving at the appropriate times.

2) How to Maintain Contact with Someone in Jail

When making regular visits in person can’t happen, whether it is due to distance, or busy schedules regular phone calls and/or letters can help your loved one feel supported while incarcerated. Both letters and phone calls can be personable and special in their own way. After the booking process, inmates can make collect calls and be sure you know the procedure on handwritten letters.

3) Stay Current with Legal Matters

With a right to legal representation, depending on the individual’s circumstances, they may have a private attorney or a public defender. Generally, attorneys do what they can to keep their clients informed about the status of their cases and carry out their duties. However, even with the best communicator as an attorney, they may still feel isolated and out of the loop. By regularly staying connected with the attorney, your loved one will feel better informed of the goings on, whether their stay in jail is short or extended.

4) Help Loved One Post Bail

If they can post bail, which is a fee that helps ensure that a person accused of a crime will show up for all scheduled court dates, are typically those eligible for temporary release. The issue is that few have enough income to cover the fee directly. Instead of paying the fee, they can obtain a bail bond. This bond meets the legal requirements for bail at a much lower cost and can only be issues by a licensed company.

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If you are in the position to help your loved one get out jail so they can properly organize their defense and personal lives for trial, you can be helping them immensely. All you may need to do is act as a bond co-signer if you have sufficient financial resources or if you want to use your personal property as collateral. You must understand, however, that this action will make you legally liable for your loved one before you agree to this. You can lose your money or property if they fail to appear in court. If you want to help a loved one with their bail, call Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds and let our experts take care of the rest.

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