Famous Bounty Hunters in History; Priest Hunters, Trackers & American Old West Lawmen!

There have been books written, movies produced, and TV series immortalizing the adventures of various bounty hunters. Generally a bounty hunter is the one who is hired when an arresting defendant is released on bail, and instead of facing the court system, tries to run away from the reality of the situation.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to relate briefly of a handful of famous bounty hunters who were hired to bring back fugitives.

Priest Hunter; John of the Priests

In the early 1700’s John Mullowney was a horse thief in Castlebar, Ireland. In modern times, this act would be considered grand theft auto. After his arrest he was given a choice to either be hung, or become a Priest Hunter, he declined the noose and become a Priest Hunter. The 1709 Penal Act demanded that all Catholic priests take the Oath of Abjuration and recognize the Protestant Queen as Supreme Head of the Church of England and Ireland. John found his calling and talent. He excelled at clergy hunting and was paid handsomely for his work, especially in the captures of an Archbishop or Bishops. His favorite strategy in capturing priests was quite theatrical. He would devise a deathbed confession and withdraw a concealed weapon and collect his bounty. Unfortunately, John was fatally stabbed when he was in the midst of killing the last Catholic priest in the Parish. It was said that his body was initially thrown into a lake and later retrieved. After being plucked from the lake he was then buried in an unconsecrated grave close by. Legend speaks of a tree that has grown over him, but never blossoms.

Thomas Tate Tobin Tracker & Bounty Hunter

Tom Tobin was a renowned adventurer, tracker, trapper, mountain man, guide, and U.S. Army scout. He was commissioned to obtain the Espinosas; Dead or Alive. The Espinosas were three Mexican National cousins, whom in 1863 went on a bloody killing spree. Murdering more than 30 English-Americans in the San Luis Valley, CO in retaliation for relatives killed in the Mexican – American War. Tobin was offered 15 additional men in the capture of the Espinosas, but refused and set out alone. Upon his return, Tobin was asked how his quest went and his response was “so-so.” After his brief and unsatisfying description, he plopped a bag down, spilling out was the three severed heads belonging to the Espinosas.

Patrick Floyd Garrett – AKA Pat Garrett American Old West Lawman

In 1880, Lincoln County, New Mexico appointed Pat Garret as sheriff when his predecessor resigned. Garrett was well known for his skill with a gun, and was quickly nominated for the position. Being that he was a former bar owner, he was assigned to track down an old patron that frequented his bar. Henry McCarty, a 21 year old man that had recently escaped from prison for the supposed murder of 21 men. Henry McCarty, is better known as Billy The Kid. The Governor offered a $500 reward for Billy the Kid’s capture. That would be close to $12,000 today. In so doing, many friends of Billy’s gang either died or were captured, until Garrett finally set up an ambush for Billy’s demise. Allegedly, Garrett shot and killed Billy in the dark. However, many debate that Garrett maintained his friendship and loyalty to Billy and orchestrated his death so his long time friend could start a new life elsewhere without the stress of being tracked down and forced to return to face his crimes. Being that he reportedly killed his bounty, he didn’t receive payment for he was hired to bring him back alive.

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