Hollywood Celebrity Crimes, Arrests & Criminal Records; Would you Bail them Out of Jail?

When it comes to the most talked about arrests you can bet that Hollywood celebrities are on the top of the list. When anyone is arrested for a crime the process is the same. They are booked into a jail and then have to get processed. You are searched for the safety of everyone at the jail. You also will be fingerprinted and mug shots taken. These are many times part of public record and it is interesting to see a celebrity that you have known from a movie or show in that type of situation.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds has prepared a list of the top most common crimes that Hollywood celebrities are often picked up for.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI): It seems like the never ending list of celebrities that have been picked up for driving under the influence. They are usually coming from some kind of event that has been serving alcohol and instead of waiting for a sober driver they decide to get behind the wheel. If anyone is arrested for a DUI, you could spend time in jail and could be given community service once you have made bail. If you are caught twice you could be spending more time in jail and you will most likely be paying a fine.

Shoplifting: It may seem silly that a well to-do celebrity would be picked up for shoplifting but it happens. When you think of a celebrity you think about the amount of money they must be receiving for the part they play in shows and movies. They should be able to pay for the items but for whatever reason they choose to steal it instead. If anyone is picked up by the police for shoplifting you will be booked and most likely you will need to get issued a bond and bailed out while you wait to see a judge.

Tax Evasion: This is a crime that is scary if you are caught and arrested for it. The problem is that you are now breaking a federal law that requires everyone that has any income to file and pay taxes. Celebrities make so much money that they are always trying to find a way to lessen how much in taxes they have to pay and many times it is not legal. This will land you in a jail cell in no time at all.

Drug Possession: Many celebrities feel like they are above the law and sometimes are more willing to carry things such as drugs with them; on their person or in the car they are driving in. The celebrity will catch a case against them and be sent to jail if they are found to have any drugs on them just like anyone else. This crime will also most likely require the accused to be bailed out of jail.

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