How are Probation & Parole Alike & Different in Mendota, CA; Definition, Effects, Bail & More

For those not to familiar with with the legal system knowing the difference between parole and probation may seem hazy. For some it is the same thing however, there is a difference with you given parole or probation. Each come with their own set of rule for those who are found guilty of committing a crime, if these rules are broken you can find yourself arrested. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will like to help define both parole and probation and what it means and how to avoid future arrests.

Probation Meaning

When given probation the criminal sentence is served outside of custody and without the need to serve any time in detention. The defendant is allowed to remain outside of custody as they follow their probation terms. In most cases those who have probation must see the probation office as scheduled, they must not due drug and hold steady job. All term or conditions of the probation is determined by the crime and other criminal history of the defendant.

Parole Definition

When given parole you spent some time in custody and are given an early release. The defendant is supervised following a lot of the similar term and condition of those who have probation. Those on parole must obtain a job, don’t due illegal drugs, and check in with their parole officers. Again depending on the criminal charges and history other conditions are applied. If you violate the term and conditions of your parole you can find yourself arrested and back in custody. Parole is an alternative to incarceration and are for those who have already spent of time in jail or prison.

Effects of Parole VS Probation

Probation – Is only offered to first time and non-violent offenders which helps keep them out of prison and reduce overcrowding in prisons. By keeping first time offender out of prison help protect those who may be threat to prison society and to help prevent prisoner influence. Probation is granted at the time of sentencing and will continue until sentence is served. If the probation term and condition are violated the defendants will be arrested and resentenced in court, this time with a sentence of prison time.
Parole – Is offered to those who met certain standards in prison, one is good behavior. After serving a certain duration of time with no incidences become eligible for parole. Parole help motivate defendants during time spent in prison to seek early release. Parole is issued by the parole board if they believe you meet all of the standard and are able to keep your parole terms. For those who violated their prole with go back to prison to either finish out the remainder of the sentence without future parole and or additional prison time.

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It is important to followed the terms and conditions of your parole or probation. However, if you find yourself arrested contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds to help you get out of jail. For quality bail bond services contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds today.

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