How Do I Take Care of a Warrant in Armona, CA? Pay Bond, Appear on Walk in Court Docket & More

There are a number of reasons as to how you were hit with having a warrant out for your arrest. From something minimal to something more serious, having a warrant out on your arrest is nothing to brag about. With a warrant for your arrest, you run the risk of being arrested at work or at other embarrassing functions. You do have options to consider, and today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to shine some light on having a warrant out on you. It is in your best interest to not ignore a warrant out for your arrest, as it is a very serious matter. An arrest warrant stays outstanding and in effect indefinitely until the warrant is quashed, a suspect is arrested, or the matter otherwise resolved by your criminal defense attorney, it never expires. Contact a criminal defense firm or Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds as soon as possible to discuss your case if you know or suspect you there may be a warrant for your arrest.

How Do I Clear a Warrant?

If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you have some options.
1) Pay the bond amount: A judge is generally the one who sets your bond amount. The warrant will be quashed or resolved if you pay it. In the event you have a failure appear in court, you will then be given a new court date if you fail to appear. Continuing to disregard your warrant’s obligations, the court will have a tendency to be harsher resulting in more severe penalties.
2) Appear on the Walk-in Docket for Court: Generally, the court sets a specific time daily for defendants to make court appearances at unscheduled times.
3) Retain Legal Representation: Retaining a defense attorney is the most optimal option when taking care of your warrant. It is recommended that you retain the services of an experienced criminal attorney to defend your matter. The attorney can assist you in getting the warrant quashed or resolved on your behalf once you have discovered the warrant placed on you. Every attorney is different concerning fees and it is best to discuss the options.

Bench VS Arrest Warrant

In general there are two types of arrest warrants, a bench warrant and an arrest warrant.
Bench Warrants – Issued by the court for failure to appear in court, misdemeanors, and felonies bench warrants and are issued by the court’s presiding judge. A failure to appear in court is a criminal offense and Class 5 Felony, which is a person accused of crime, cited, or previously arrested, who fails to appear at their scheduled hearing.
Arrest Warrants – Issued by the police in whom a police officer obtains a warrant or arrest when they have reasonable belief, substantiated by probable cause, to suspect that a person committed a crime.

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