How Does a Breathalyzer & Rolling Retest Work in Corcoron, CA? Need for Bail when Arrested & More

If you have been out for a night of drinking and the police find you driving you are sure to be in a serious amount of trouble. A DUI is a serious offense and is not taken likely and will send you straight to jail. The arrest will be when the police officer that has pulled you over gives you a sobriety test and finds that you are intoxicated. You will then be booked into the local jail and processed just like any other criminal. The process will eventually end you in a position that you will be able to bail out of jail. This requires the help of a bail bond company that works with the jails in your area. They will post your bail and get you released so that you can prepare for your case. The case will go to a judge that will determine a punishment that is suitable. It can easily be jail time or a fine that has to be paid to the city or county you live. One of the other things that a judge can require is the installation of a car breathalyzer that has be used to allow the car to start. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what you can expect when you are required to use a car breathalyzer after a DUI arrest.

How Does a Breathalyzer Work?

The car breathalyzer of a ignition interlock is an adaptation to the ignition of your car. The device is similar to the breathalyzer that a police officer would use to field test a suspected drunk driver. It has a pad on the front or side that will show the reading of each test. It also has an area that you place your mouth around to fully close off any gaps. Then you take a long steady breath to initiate the test. Once the reading level has been determined you will either be driving your car or not. The test is set up by the local state or county laws on what amount of alcohol is allowed to operate a motorized vehicle. The car of truck will have a relay that is disconnected until you have a reading that is approved to start the car. The reading is based on a BAC or the blood alcohol content. That means that it can determine the amount of alcohol per blood that is in the body. The car will have some sort of timer that will not allow you to retest for about 30 minutes or whatever that device is set to. You will need to wait for an appropriate reading before you will be able to start the car.

What Does a Rolling Retest Mean?

Just because you are able to get the car started and moving does not mean you are in the clear. Many of the devices has what is called the rolling retest. The retest will require you to blow into the device while the car is in motion. If this test shows that your BAC is too high you will need to pull over immediately. There is usually an alarm on the device that will trigger the car to flash its lights as well as sound the horn.

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