How is Bail Amount Determined in Selma & Fresno County, CA? Factors Judges Consider When Setting Bail Amounts

When a case is brought before a judge, the judge is the person that sets the bail amount for that person. They can either stick to the standard bail amount, raise the amount, or even deny that person be let out on bail altogether. You may be wondering what helps a judge decide a bail amount. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is here to talk about the variables that help a judge set a bail amount for a defendant.

Factors Judges Consider When Setting Bail Amounts

Since there is no case that’s the same, it only makes sense that bail amounts wouldn’t be the same as well. Here are some factors that go into the bail amount set by a judge:
1. Bail Schedules– Bail schedules are bail amounts that have been set for certain crimes. Crimes have been categorized and given a specific bail amount depending on the jurisdiction. If a defendant has any hope of paying less, they have to go before a judge.
2. Severity of the Crime Committed– The bail amount may be higher or lower depending on the severity of the crime that was committed. Also taken into consideration, is the amount of evidence and the case against the defendant, or likelihood of the defendant being convicted.
3. Risk to Public– If the defendant is considered a risk to the public, bail will be set for a higher amount or denied all together. If the defendant didn’t cooperate with law enforcement at the time of the arrest, this will be taken into consideration as well. The more the judge feels the defendant is a danger to those around them, the higher the price for getting out of jail.
4. Defendant’s Ties to the Community– If the defendant has strong ties to the community, they are considered less of a risk. If there are several people that aren’t related to the defendant and can vouch for their involvement in the community and their character, the court is usually more lenient with their bail amount.
5. Past Criminal Record– If the defendant has committed crimes and has an ugly criminal record, the higher the bail amount is going to be to get out of jail. If they show a pattern of criminal behavior, or have a warrant for their arrest in another jurisdiction, bail may be denied altogether.
6. Potential Flight Risk– If the court feels that the defendant is not likely to show up for their court date, or are likely to leave the jurisdiction before they appear in court, they will be facing a higher bail amount or in some cases, be denied bail. Their job history and financial situation may play a role in deciding their likelihood of appearing for their court date. If the defendant has a job they have had for a long period of time and has a reason to stick around, they aren’t considered as much of a flight risk.

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