How to Bail Someone Out of Jail if You Have No Money in Selma & Fresno County, CA; Signature, Property & Private Bail Bonds

Having a loved one arrested is devastating enough, but its worse when you are unable to meet the cost of bail. However there are three methods of obtaining a bail bond with no to little cost. They are private bail bonds, signature bonds, and property bonds. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds knows it can be a struggle to get your loved one out of jail and wants to help you understand that these things are an option during those times when finances are tight.

Private Bail Bond

A private bail bond is when the court will keep the bail amount and then can issue a warrant to arrest you if you miss a court date. The judge will set a bail amount depending on the crime, criminal history, and flight risk. As long as the accused makes all their court dates, the amount is returned after trial, whether the accused are found guilty or innocent. Private bonds are loans taken from companies that will pay bail, but keep a percentage of the amount — usually 10% as payment. If the accused misses any court dates, the bond company will have to give the court the entire amount of the bail. To protect themselves, bondsmen ask you to put up collateral that they will keep if they don’t get the bail amount back. Common examples of collateral include real estate, cars, credit cards, stocks and bonds, jewelry, personal credit, and bank accounts.

Signature Bond

Ask the attorney to request a signature bond. A lawyer will be more familiar with the process, and will be better equipped to make an argument in favor of a signature bond. You can also request the signature bond yourself if you don’t have an attorney. It may help if you can find friends or relatives of the accused to co-sign with you. This demonstrates community ties, and might persuade the court that the person in jail will meet the promise to make his or her court dates. Pay the entire bail amount as a public bond. If you can cover the entire amount of bail, you can just pay the amount yourself. Go to the jail where the person is being held with a check, cashier’s check, or money order in the amount of the bail. You may have to pay a non-refundable administrative fee. Once they process your payment, the person in jail will be free to leave.

Property Bond

A property bond is a type of bond that lets you sign over the deed to a property in return for the accused released from jail. The property is held as insurance in case the person doesn’t make their court appearances. This option is only available to people who own a home or other property. Make sure you have the needed paperwork. When you request a property bond from the court, they will ask you for several documents. Make sure you have the deed to the property, an appraisal or tax assessment of the property to prove its value to the court, and a statement from the mortgage company showing how much is still owed, if applicable. The court will subtract any amount still owed from the appraised value of the property. Be aware that if more than one person is on the deed, each person must be present in court to sign the bond. Contact the court to find out who you should speak to about assessing the value of your property. Remember that the court’s officer might decide to deny your request, in which case the accused person has to stay in jail.

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These are some of the methods for getting out of jail so you don’t have to front the entire bail amount. This can be a life saver to you or your loved one that is in jail. Some of these come with high risk. If you believe the person is a flight risk, know that before you take any of these steps. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is here as a service to you if you have a loved in jail or if you are the accused. Ajua Bail bonds will help you overcome this mishap. Contact us when you or a loved one need to get out of jail fast!

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