How to Get Someone Out of Jail After Getting Arrested for a Misdemeanor in Lemoore, CA

No one thinks they will get a call that someone they know and love has been arrested. The call is not something you want to get but when it comes it is a good idea to know what you need to do. The arrest can be for many different reasons with some of them being quite severe and others being mild. An arrest is an arrest and going through the booking process is something that all people that have been arrested must go through. You also will have to go through the process of seeing a judge and getting a bail amount set for you. The amount of your bail has a lot to do for the crime in which you have been arrested for. It also has to do with the person that has been arrested and what their criminal record looks like. One of the types of crimes that you can be arrested for is a misdemeanor. This is a crime that is at a lower level than a felony but none the less still a crime. Some people do not know that you can be arrested for a misdemeanor but it is still an arrest able offense. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what a misdemeanor is and what it means when you are arrested.

Gross Misdemeanor

There are three types of misdemeanors you can be arrested for. The way that the crime is categorized is by the level of severity. If you have been arrested for a gross misdemeanor this is the highest level of crime in this particular category. This means that you are right on the verge of a felony if the crime were to be thought to be worse. There are lots of crimes that you can be caught doing that would mean you would be charged with this level. You may be stalking an ex-girlfriend or even getting into an argument and scuffling with an officer. This is still an offense that you will be arrested for and will have to go to jail to see the judge.


The next level of arrest that is in the misdemeanor category is just that; a misdemeanor. This is the mid level of crime that you can be arrested for. The most common crimes that you are doing if you have this arrest might be disorderly conduct or vandalism. These are often the things that you are doing when you are out with your friends having a night on the town and not making great choices. This will end your night out very fast when one of your friends has been picked up.

Petty Misdemeanor

Lastly you can be arrested for a petty or petit misdemeanor and be taken to jail for an offense that might surprise you. These are usually things such as a traffic fine that has not been paid. If you have this type of arrest it is likely not something you realize until you are pulled over again. You may end up taken to jail over a fine that you were supposed to pay.

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