Illegal Capping Scam; Inmate Referral of Bail Bond Company Information in Visalia, CA. Don’t be a Victim; Call a Licensed, Reputable Bail Bonds Company to Get Out of Jail!

Inmate “Capping” An Unscrupulous Practice that Occurs Inside Jails

Capping has been occurring inside our jails for years, in fact this illegal activity has occurred in every jail in California for decades. Unfortunately this unscrupulous practice shows literally no signs of slowing down and new victims fall prey to this method of illegal referral almost every day.

What is the Meaning of Capping?

What is capping? Capping is used by fraudulent bail bond companies to build up their businesses. How is it done? The corrupt bail bond company literally hires inmates inside the jail to refer them new customers. Reputable bail bond agencies, like the experienced professionals at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds are strictly against this illegal practice. In fact under California Penal Code 160(a)1, it is illegal for inmates within the county jail system to recommend or solicit any bail bond agency to another inmate.

Bail Bond Solicitation in Courts & Jails

Bail bond agencies are regulated by the California Department of Insurance (DOI). The practice of solicitation is prohibited inside courts and jails because of the ability for one inmate to abuse another inmate along with conflict of interest between the seasoned inmate and the bail bond company and the inmate that is being solicited.

How Does the Bail Referral Capping Scam Work?

How does the capping scam work? Once you have been arrested and taken to jail, you begin the booking process which is known as “the loop” at the intake release center (IRC). You will be photographed, fingerprinted and your identity will be run through a database for a background check. Once this process has been completed, you will be placed in a holding cell with several other inmates. Payphones will be available for you to contact family, friends or someone else who can help such as a bail bondsman. It is at this point that another inmate will approach you and begin a conversation. What starts as a seemingly innocent exchange turns to questions about you and the reason for your arrest. Before you know it, the other inmate is recommending a bail bondsman that can help you and next thing you know, he is offering you the phone number. What your probably don’t even realize is that your newly acquired friend is being paid by the bondsman that he is referring you to for your business. It is not uncommon for these paid inmates (cappers) to use forceful tactics along with threats if you don’t want to take their suggestions. Remember, they are being paid for generating business for the bail bond company and will do everything in their power to make sure you call their favored bondsman.

Fraudulent Bail Bond Companies Use Capping Today!

Despite efforts by law enforcement officials, capping continues to remain an ongoing problem and is one of the single sources of revenue generated by fraudulent bail bond agencies. Victims are numerous, and it comes as no surprise to the defendant and the defendant’s family that a company that is using this illegal practice to generate business will take their money and then impose additional and unnecessary conditions along with extorting more money at every available opportunity. Indemnity Agreements or bail bond contracts, give the issuing company authority over their clients. It is not unheard of for these unscrupulous bail bond companies to surrender clients back into custody even if they are doing everything they are supposed to and making all of their scheduled court appearances. Despite how common this practice is in our judicial system, there is no recourse or refunds for victims. The business of capping affects everyone including the courts and taxpayers in the form of unpaid summary judgments.

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