New California Gun Laws for 2018 Simplified in Visalia, CA; Relinquishment for Criminals & More

With the newer laws having effect since the beginning of the year concerning gun laws in California, it is up to responsible gun owners to stay on top of it. To avoid getting arrested and in trouble with the law, take a look at some of the new laws we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds have compiled for you.

Summary of California Gun Laws

Assault Rifles: Assault rifles are no longer available for legal purchase by Californians. You are allowed to own one, however, you have to register it. Assault weapons also have a new definition, which include any centerfire rifle, or semi-automatic pistol, semi-automatic, or including some features. All automatic weapons that fall into this category must be registered by June 30, 2018.
Ammunition: There are several new developments regarding ammunition that you should definitely be aware of. Detachable magazines a capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition is now illegal to own. Though the decision was challenged, it was upheld. Within the state of California, it is illegal to purchase these types of magazines. Anyone currently owning these magazines must move them out of state, surrender them over to law enforcement, or sell them to a licensed firearms dealer. Any ammunition purchased online cannot be shipped to your home. Instead, they have to be shipped to a licensed vendor, where they can legally charge a processing fee. Keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to unassembled ammunition for those who make their own. This law is not in effect this year, however mandatory background checks will have to be completed whenever you purchase ammunition starting 2019. You will not require a permit for ammo at this point however.
Relinquishment of Firearms for Criminals: Anyone charged with certain serious crimes will ensure that criminal offenders turn over any firearms they own with the new plan in place. In the hopes of making the process more efficient for law enforcement the new law includes the relinquishment in court and probation processes. Law enforcement will take measures to confiscate weapon whenever there are cases where criminals resist compliance.
Firearm Theft: No matter the value of the firearm, theft of a firearm is a felony. As a victim of firearm robbery, you only have five days to report the theft.
Lost Firearms: Any firearm that is lost must be reported within five days of realizing it is missing.
The additional laws are focused on firearms and ammunition distributors and sellers. Make sure you’re keeping up to date with the latest regulations and requirements, if you own a business in the industry.

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To clarify any questions you may have about the laws, the California Department of Justice website offers helpful information for gun owners in California. For incoming residents, dealers, and other groups there are separate pages that are especially useful. Remember it’s best to err on the side of caution and when in doubt, you can always call or contact the DOJ for additional information. Should you find yourself getting arrested for firearm related crimes, especially if you were not aware of them, you need a defense attorney as soon as possible and Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds can get you bailed out of jail quickly and discreetly. Contact us today!

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