Not Checking in with Bail Bondsman, Missing Court & Other Mistakes to Avoid in Porterville, CA

When you are arrested you will be booked into the jail no matter what the crime is. Whether you are picked up for an outstanding traffic citation or a charge of domestic violence you are booked. You have to be processed at the jail and then wait to see a judge. The next step is one of the most important and that is when you get to see the judge and get bail approved. They will set an amount you can use with a bail bond company to get out and released. The release is always conditional and you want to make sure you avoid making mistakes when you are out on bail.
Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds lists some mistakes to avoid when out on bail.

What Happens if You Miss a Court Date?

One of the mistakes you want to make sure you always avoid when out on bail is missing a court date. When you are out on bail one of the main stipulations that you must abide by is making it to all your court appearances. The court dates are something you are required to attend to go through the process of your charges and potential conviction. If the court is under the impression that you will not arrive at your court dates you could be denied bail. That is why if you are out on bail you need to get to all appointments and not to miss under any circumstance. The court hearings are mandatory and it is your responsibility to know when you need to be there.

Bail Bond Payment Options

When you are in jail you are given a court date that will determine your bail amount. You then work with a bail bond company to help you get released from jail. You want to be sure that when you agree to the terms you understand what is needed from you. Most of the time you will be given a payment schedule that you need to meet and keep. You want to ensure that you do all that you can to make all payments early or on the scheduled date and time. If you miss even a single payment by a day your bail can be revoked and you can be taken back to jail. You also may have fees that are due to the court that you need to ensure are paid on time as well.

Leaving the County when Out on Bail; Are You Allowed to Leave the State?

One of the terms many courts will give to a person that has been released from jail is that they need to stay in the area. This might be a city or county that the court or district is in. That means any plans that you might have had to travel or leave that particular area you cancel. You don’t want to risk leaving the area and getting caught. If you are caught the court will assume that you are now a flight risk and will revoke your bail. That means while you are awaiting your trial you are stuck in jail.

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