What are the Conditions of a Bail Bond in Lemoore, CA & What Factors are Used in Determining Them?

An arrest means that you are being charged with a crime and the officer that has taken the report thinks it requires you to be taken to the jail. The jail is a place that will process any and all crimes that are in their jurisdiction. They have to take vital personal information on each inmate and set them up to see a judge to see what bail options are available to them. The jail is the first step after arrest but many crimes will allow a person the opportunity to bail out and prepare for their case. Once you have seen a judge you will need to get in contact with a bail company to set up your bail. You will most likely need the help of a loved one that can sign for you and access to some money. When you are released each and every person has to abide by a set of conditions that require them to attend any and all court dates that are set. If you are found to break any of the conditions you will be arrested and sent back to the jail to await your opportunity to try your case. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines common bail conditions and what factors are considered when setting them.

What are Factors Used in Determining Conditions of Bail?

When you are set to see a judge to determine the amount of bail you will be required to pay they may also give you a list of conditions. The judge has a copy of your file and will look over some factors that help him determine if any conditions will be necessary. The judge will look over your criminal record as well as the severity of your crime. They can also look into the risks that you may pose to the public as well as any thoughts that you may run. The list can be as simple as show up to court but can end up being quite substantial.

What Factors are Usually Used to Set the Amount of Bail?

When you are given bail the judge has already looked over the case. The conditions that apply differ from one case to another and none of them are exactly the same. The main condition that is attached to bail no matter what the case is that you are required to come to any court dates that are set for your particular case. The judge can say that you are to keep away from particular people as well as homes and businesses. Being able to carry any type of weapon can easily make it on the list as well as a curfew. The curfew will require you to be in your home or residence by a particular time. If you are found outside after the time set you can be taken back to jail and your bail can be revoked. Another condition is that you are not allowed to obey all the laws and to refrain from drinking and drugs of any kind.

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