What Does it Mean when Someone is Being Processed into Jail as an Inmate & Also Released in Farmersville, CA?

Whether you have been wrongfully accused, hung with the wrong crowd, was simply in the wrong place, or knowingly broke the law, getting arrested is no picnic. Depending the circumstances involving the charges depends on many variables as to the gravity of the situation. Regardless of that, being processed and spending in time jail before getting your bail bond posted from Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds, we would like to share the basic process for you or so you can understand it netter if a loved one has been arrested.

General Jailing Process

The process of being arrested can slightly differ depending on the state, city, and even county, as well as other factors. The general jailing process can include:
1) The criminal activity and the number of arrests that are booked that day, impacts how much time it takes for the process to take; if it is crowded it could take a few hours. You are placed in the waiting room or cell usually while waiting to be processed.
2) The basic administrative paper work gets the ball rolling, starting with inputting your basic information such as; legal full name, current home address, date of birth and emergency contact information as well as other pertinent documentation.
3) Questions regarding your medical history and mental stability are also recorded.
4) You will then be issued an inmate identification number following the logging of all of your information.
5) Fingerprinting is next on the list to add to your file.
6) Your mug shot is done soon after; the photographs include a profile and front that is also attached to your file.
7) All personal property that you have on your person is collected, and securely stored. Everything they have taken from you will be given back once you are discharged, minus any evidence.
8) You are then allowed to make your phone calls, again depending on the volume you may have to wait your turn, from there you can contact a family member or friend, an attorney, or a bails bond. Most opt to contact a trusted friend or family member as they can help attain your bail as well as an attorney if need be, not to mention they can help you make personal arrangements with your job and such.
9). From here you will have to wait to see a judge to find out the details of your case including the bail bond amount.
10) Generally, you are able to stay in your street clothes, but of your stay is extended the jail may issue a jump suit or the jail uniform.

Release Procedure for Inmates

The general discharge process is typically executed as follows:
1) You will be preparing to check out following the bail payment and processing, or other circumstances that have you released.
2) Typically, the process takes about 30 minutes but it depends on the volume and staff.
3) The paperwork is completed with details concerning your case, outcome of your bail, sentencing, or defense, and other such information. The paperwork is in the hands of others and all you can do is patiently wait for it to be finished.
4) Following the processing and filing, you are issued your personal property and released from jail.

Why Do People Turn Themselves into Jail

1) Turning yourself usually positively impacts your favor.
2) Go to the jail intake center and explain you think you have a warrant and who you are.
3) Before you are officially arrested, they will process your information by running a record check, and if you indeed have any warrants, they will then formally take you into custody.
4) Following the official arrest, you will be processed as noted above.
5) In the event you have to service a brief jail time, ensure you arrive on the designated date and time. Do NOT show up late.
6) Avoid bringing many personal items as they are confiscated. Do bring your sentence order, state ID or driver’s license, and if you are in need of prescription bring the medication with the original doctor’s prescription.
7) After you have completed the time, you will go through the discharge process as noted above.

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