What Factors Influence the Amount of Bail Set in Cutler, CA? Crime, Criminal Record, Employment & More

When you are arrested for some kind of crime you are going to be taken down to the jail and booked in. The process of booking someone in the jail is going to be the same no matter what the crime is. You could be there for a small misdemeanor of a major felony and you will be booked at the jail. The great thing about the Judicial system is that everyone is innocent until proven guilty by a court. That is all great but the process to book and get bail figured out for an inmate is going to be the same for each person. Whether you are guilty or innocent you start with being arrested. After you get to the jail they are going to need to photograph you and take your fingerprints. They are also going to need to have you see the judge to determine what amount of bail is required and if you are eligible or not. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines why your bail might be different from someone with the same crime.

Why is Your Bail More than Someone Else with the Same Crime?

When you are arrested for the same crime as your friend you may think that the bail will be set the same. The crime was the same right? The problem is that is not the only thing that is considered when your bail is set. The judge is going to see each of the people that are being considered for bail and make a determination. The bail will be set based on the crime but also will take into consideration your criminal record as well. If you have had more crimes come through the court than your friend your bail may increase. Especially if you have had been arrested for some of the same types of crimes. There is no way to know what your bail amount will be before you see the judge. Once the amount is set there is nothing that can be done to change it unless you go through a lengthy process through the courts.

What Do You Do After Bail is Determined

Once you have a bail amount set you need to contact a bail company or a loved one that can contact the bail company on your behalf. They can contact the jail and get the information on the bail and get the paperwork started. That is the fastest way to get yourself out of jail so you have time to work on your case before it is heard and a plea is taken. The bail company has several types of items that can be used to get out of jail so you need to see what is required by you. Your family member may need to have cash or property to use as collateral on the bail.

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If you need bail information or have a loved one that has been arrested you need to contact a bail company as soon as possible to start the process on your behalf.

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