What Happens After a DUI Arrest in Orosi, CA? What is the Most Common Penalty & More

If you have went out for some drinks with friends then ended up behind the wheel you could be arrested and sent to jail. An arrest of any kind is going to go on your permanent record and send you through a process that can be very intimidating. When it comes to arrests there are two types of charges that you could be facing. A DUI and a DUI with Drugs are similar in nature but each has their own descriptions and what they are given for. Neither of these arrests are taken lightly since the driver is not only putting themselves at risk for injury and even death but the other drivers on the road as well. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what a DUI and DUI With Drugs is, and what these arrests could mean to you.

What is the Meaning of a DUI?

When you are a driver on the road you are under the obligation to follow all the rules of the road. The rules and laws were on the test that you took in your city or county to prove that you understood what is expected of you. You should have a clear mind when driving so after you have had any alcohol you are impaired. The impairment will cause you to have a slower reaction time and can alter your thought process. The DUI is usually thought of when someone is operating a vehicle while intoxicated by alcohol. That is not the only way that you could be charged with a DUI. The law states that you could be charged when you are under the influence of any mind altering substance. This could be any illegal street drug as well as prescriptions that a doctor gave you. There are some prescriptions that have a warning to not operate a vehicle. If you choose to use any substance and drive or operate a vehicle you could find yourself in the back of a patrol car.

What is the Most Common Penalty for a DUI?

When you are arrested for a DUI you are going to be sent to the jail where you will be booked and given a chance to see the judge. When you see the judge he may offer you bail so that you have the opportunity to prepare for your case. You want to contact a professional bail bonds company to start the process as soon as possible. There are some guidelines that the judge could follow when dealing with your particular case. If you are a first time offender and you did not cause an accident you may end up charged with a misdemeanor. That does not mean that you won’t be send to jail since the recommendation is up to six months in jail and or a fine of no less than $250. You could also end up charged with a felony which can carry a much heavier fine and jail sentence. It is always better to bail out of jail so that you have time to prepare your case and continue to live your life before the case goes back to the judge.

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