What Happens if I Miss a Court Date with No Valid Excuse in Fresno, CA? Warrant Issued for Arrest, Bail Forfeiture & More

If you have been arrested you have already gone through a process. You are booked at the local jail and pushed through the process which is similar from jail to jail. You are fingerprinted, photographed and wait to see a judge regarding your charges. Once a bail amount has been set you are free to contact a bail bond company that can work with you or your family and friends to get your release. There are some fees that are paid and the amount of the bail through the bond company. We will do all the paperwork with the jail and work quickly to get you out of jail. Once you are out however, you are not completely free to go! You will have a court date set up that you must attend to see what the next step is in your case. When you are out on bail you are free to contact an attorney and work on your case to gain the best outcome possible. However, there are some serious repercussions if you miss a court date or if you are not able to attend.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds list what you should do if you are unable to attend your court appearance

Are there any valid excuses for missing a court date: The reason behind missing a court date is open to interpretation and what can be acceptable to one judge may not be acceptable to another. There are several reasons that are generally accepted but you will need to show proof that you were in one of these situations. You could be hospitalized and unable to leave for any reason. You could be incarcerated in another jail or prison or you could be in a health treatment center. The other reason that is acceptable is if the person has passed away. If you have one of these situations be sure that you have proof and contact your bail bonds company and your attorney right away to contact the court and get you back on the calendar.
What do I do if I miss a court date: If you have missed a court date and decided that you don’t need to submit paperwork or speak to your bond company you could have a warrant issued for your arrest. You can also be subject to bail forfeiture and being picked up by the company that is now on the hook for your bail amount. If you are found, you will be arrested for missing court and jumping bail and you will not have the opportunity in that particular case to bail out again.
Contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Immediately To Reschedule: If you are given a court date that you know in advance you are not going to be able to get to, call your bail bond company as soon as possible. We will be able to contact the court and see about changing the appearance date to better suit you and give you time to show up and tend to your case.

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