What Happens if You Skip Bail in Livingston, CA? Contact Bond Company Right Away & More

When you are arrested and taken to jail you are charged with a crime. The crime can be on many levels of seriousness from a misdemeanor to a felony. Depending on the charges that you are given, you also receive an amount that can be paid to get you out on bail. To get out on bail you have to hire a bail bond company that will put up the money on your behalf with the agreement from a family member or friend. When that person signs on your behalf they are on the hook and should do all they can to ensure that you attend any and all meetings and court dates that are then assigned. When you decide that you are going to skip out on bail and not attend the required court dates you are not going to be given another chance at bail. You will have a warrant that is issued through the court for your arrest and then the police department will be on the lookout for you. Another person that will be out looking for you is going to be the bond company and also the friend of family that signed for your release. The bail is given so that the person arrested is able to keep their employment, attend school, prepare for the case ahead of them and contribute to the community. When you take advantage of the bail system you are going to regret it in your case and any further cases that you may end up with. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what you need to do if you signed for someone that has jumped bail and missed a court date.

Contact the Bail Bond Company Right Away

If you sign for someone you want to be sure that you trust they will attend all further court dates. If you see any reason they will not you better think twice about signing on their behalf. The moment that you realize that the person you signed for is not answering calls or keeping in contact with you and they miss a date for court you need to call the bail company right away. You want them to know that you are not okay with the behavior and you are willing to aid them in any way finding the person. They may come to your home and ask questions to see what you know about where the person may be and you need to do all you can to find them and give the information to the bail company.

Do Not Harbor the Individual Who Skipped Bail

If you find out that the person that you signed for them to be bailed out of jail has missed a court date they may come to you asking for help. The person will think that you are willing to help them since you did sign for the bail. They may think that you are going to help hide them from the bail company and the police that will for sure be looking for them. The biggest problem with you harboring a wanted fugitive you could end up being charged with a crime as well. You don’t want to be on the hook for the money on the bond and find yourself in jail too.

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