What Happens to Your Bail Bond when a Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear is Issued in Muscatel, CA

Throughout the State of California, bench warrants are the most common warrant issued. An arrest warrant and a bench warrant are separate and the bench warrant is issued by the judge from the bench. There is some basic information we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like you to know concerning bench warrants.

What Happens when a Bench Warrant is Issued

1) Bench Warrant Consequences. You may end up losing bail that you have posted in the event a bench warrant is issued because you didn’t show up for your trial. If you utilized a bail bond company to post your bail, the bail bond loses the funds and in an effort to get the money back, the bail bond company can send a bounty hunter out, have you arrested and delivered back to the courts.
2) Bench Warrant Formalities. There are protocols that the courts follow to withhold your bail. One primary step is that the courts must enter the bench warrant in the National Crime Information Center database. If the courts do not adhere to this policy precisely, and no matter if the bail bond company paid the bail or you, the courts cannot keep your bail.
3) Bench Warrant Payments. There are a few things that occur if you have a bench warrant at the time of an arrest or you turn yourself in. So that you can arrange payment for the bench warrant, the courts may let you stay on release in some cases, or in some instances the courts may reduce the cost of the bench warrant.
4) Reasons for Bench Warrants. Judges can order a bench warrant if someone refuses to pay a fine or doesn’t obey another type of court order, however, they are often issued when someone fails to show up for their trial. They are frequently used when an individual is in contempt of court.
5) Bench Warrant Additional Punishments. More often than not, bench warrants are typically issued in conjunction with other forms of punishments, such as prison sentence or fines; some may have their driver licenses suspended.
6) Missing Court Dates Excuses. You may be able to get the warrant eliminated if a bench warrant was issued because you failed to go to your trial. Within 180 days of the bench warrant being issued you need to go to the courts. If you have a viable reason as to why you missed your court appointed court date, like illness, disability, or detained in a different jurisdiction in addition to other such reasons, the courts may show leniency. Other such reasons may be that the trial date was sent to an old address, if you completed other compliances set by the court and you presumed the charges were dismissed, and so forth. Keep in mind that most judges are skeptical and convincing them may be easier accomplished with your attorney.
7) Bail Bond Company Pay Bench Warrant. Many bail bond companies can help you pay your bench warrants. Depending on the circumstances, typically the bail bond company covers the rest of the amount after you pay a fee. In some instances, you may even be able to get a bail bond on payments and owe nothing upfront if your credit qualifies.

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