What Happens When Charges Are Pressed for Domestic Violence Arrests in Atwater, CA; Bail & More

If you talk to officers about what are some of the most common arrests that they make, domestic violence is one of the top. It may surprise you to know that domestic violence is a problem is all facets of life. It can happen at any time of year and can be between any age couple. There are many reasons that domestic violence is a problem and it happens to lead to arrest of one or both parties. Knowing what some of the reasons and triggers of domestic violence are can help you to know what to stay away from.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Outlines What You Need to Know About Arrests from Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Guilt & Shame: If you and your partner have an argument you don’t go and tell the world about it the next day. Same if you can’t pay a bill on time or flunk a test. These are all things that you most people don’t want to share. That is why domestic violence is such a hard thing to see coming from the outside in. The violence does not always start big and the smaller acts usually go unnoticed by those around you. That is mostly because they are too ashamed to tell anyone that an argument reached that level.
Types of Domestic Violence: When it comes to domestic violence most people assume that it is physical. Although being physically abusive is a huge part of domestic violence and is what will often lead to an arrest it is not the only part. It also includes a lot of verbal abuse as well as power over the other person. They will use tactics to find a way to dominate the relationship and control what happens in everyday life. They use emotion, sexual and economics to induce the amount of abuse they inflict on their partner. Many times they will excuse the behavior by telling them that they were the reasons for the abuse.
Domestic Violence Causes & Triggers: The triggers are different from one relationship to another but there are some that are common among them all. If you are in an abusive relationship it is best to get out but if you know what causes the problem you can avoid these triggers while getting away. The triggers will include, jealousy, anger, disagreement, trouble with finances, employment troubles and desperation. When these start to develop you want to get away from the situation until your partner has had time to cool down.
What Happens When You Press Charges for Domestic Violence?: If the police are called out for a domestic violence situation often times one party will be arrested. Usually the instigator which can be determined by injuries to the other party. If you are arrested for domestic violence you will be booked into the jail and will need to wait for bail to be set before you can be released.

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