What is the Punishment for Missing a Court Date in Kerman, CA? Warrant Issued, Loss of Collateral & More

The temptation to skip your court date and attempt to avoid going to jail for good may be extremely strong, after you have been arrested and released on bail. If you choose to make this very unwise decision, however, a professional bail bonds company understands the consequences of these actions. It is simply not worth skipping out on bail, and we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to share why you should not skip court dates.

You Will Get Caught if You Miss a Court Date

Bounty hunters are not the imagination of Hollywood films, they are a real profession that will get those that skip on court, even if the flee to another question. You may owe the bail bondsman thousands upon thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the offense. Ultimately, between private detectives, bounty hunters, and the police lucky and be left unfound for a few years, you will get caught and face a lot of harsher consequences. In the meantime, rent an apartment, you won’t be able to return home, or get any sort of legitimate job.

A Warrant Will Be Issued for Your Arrest if You Don’t Show Up for Court

A warrant is issued for your arrest the moment you do not show up at your court date, and even the smallest of encounters with law enforcement, such as driving infractions, will bring the warrant up. Skipping out on bail will be charged not only with your original crime, when the warrant is brought up. You will completely destroy your chances of ever being released again on top of the latest trouble.

Loss of Collateral if You Skip a Court Date

You have to put up either cash or collateral when you are released on bail. You lose that cash and/or collateral, if you skip your court date and run. Whatever was used to post bail, it will be considered forfeit, and you or a loved one could lose their car, house, or anything else. Co-Signers will have to endure responsibility and consequences for your actions. When most defendants are bailed out of prison, most have help, a co-signer. If you skip your court date, they agree to take the financial responsibility when a co-signer agrees to pay bail. If the bail bondsman has to go find you, the co-signer agrees to pay for any related costs. Adding this burden to someone you care about is a terrible act.

Negative Impact on Family if You Miss a Court Hearing

You bring shame and pain to your loved ones when you skip out on bail and run. Be responsible and stick to the agreed court date and avoid causing grief to the family.

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Skipping your court date and running is simply a bad idea as previously mentioned. The issues will only dig yourself deeper in trouble. You can always re-schedule the date if there is a reason you actually cannot make your court date. Don’t make their situation worse after loved one has gone through the trouble of co-signing and bailing you out of prison. Keep your court dates. When you need your bail posted, call Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds.

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