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When you have been arrested or someone you love has been picked up by the police it can be very scary. You might be anxious to ask questions and understand what is happening. The problem is that although it is important for the jail or prison to get that information to you they have many other inmates to take care of as well. Most of the time the booking process will take some time and until that is done they cannot give too much information. After that process is done and they are secured in the jail there are some things that they will have access to do.

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Where Do Inmates & Prisoners Live: There are different types of housing units at all jails and prisons. They location of your loved one will depend on several circumstances such as the charges and the background of the person that was arrested. Any red flags about their behavior will also be considered before the inmates are placed in a housing unit. The inmates will be given their own set of sleeping materials and area that is available for them to rest and sleep. This area can be out in an open area or in a cell that is for a single inmate or more. There are no requests that you can make to change this area of their incarceration.
Jail Inmate Locator: If you know that someone has been arrested but you don’t live in the area or don’t want to call the prison, there are some ways to find them. Most of the prisons are part of a system that has a list that you can use to search online for them. This will tell you the name, inmate number and the location of their imprisonment. You can also use the help of a bail bond company that has a relationship with the jails and prisons in your area. They can call and find out based on the name where a person is being housed.
Commissary; What Can Inmates Buy in Jail?: The person that has been arrested will be placed in a specific housing area. They can have a commissary account and have money added. The money has to be used in that jail or prisons commissary which is a store that is run by the personnel. There are also some rules and regulations that exist with each location so it is the inmates responsibility to know what they are. They often can buy other food items, personal hygiene and even clothing. You want to be sure that you add money to the account in advance so there is enough time for them to make the order that they want.
Inmate Visiting List & Appointments: Depending on the charges and the standing in the jail the inmate will have access to visits. The persons that is visiting will have to abide by some rules set by the jail staff. There are also rules about when and how long you are able to visit as well. Be sure that you check with the jail before you head down to try and get a visit.

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