What You Should Do when You Get Out of Jail on Bail in Reedley, CA; Keep Court Appointments & More

When you are arrested it can be devastating and the repercussions are still up in the air. You want to be able to work on your case and do what you can to prepare to defend yourself. The arrest is only the first part of the process and you need to be able to get through the rest of it that might include jail time. The best way to do that is to make sure you are bailed out of jail as soon as possible. This will give you the time you need to prepare for your case as well as take care of your own life. When you are released on bail you have signed with a bail bond company that is on the hook as well as your co-signer. This can be a loved one or a friend. That means that you have some responsibilities while the case is open and you are out on bail. If you make any mistakes while out on bail you can end up right back in jail. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what you should be doing while you are out on bail.

Keep Your Court Appointments

One of the most important things that you need to do when you are out on bail is to keep all your appointments. You are required by the courts to attend any and all court appearances. If you miss even a single one your bail will be revoked and you will be taken into custody. You want to make sure that you keep good track of all appointments with the court. You also want to make sure that you meet all your check ins with the bail company as well. They will usually require you to check in with them on a regular basis to ensure that you are still on track.

Make Payments to Bail Company & Court etc

When you are out on bail many times you are supposed to be making payments to the court or the bail company. They are required and if they are missed you can find yourself in some real trouble. The payments will likely be set and required on the same time each month. If you skip a payment or you are late the bail can be revoked and you can be taken back to jail. This will make it quite difficult to take care of your case if you are locked up behind bars. You can use reminders and even friends to help keep you on track to making your payments without delay.

Avoid New Charges when Out on Bond

One of the things that you are under obligation to do when you are out on bail is to not get into any more trouble. You want to do your best to stay away from people and circumstances that could potentially lead to police presence. If you are caught up in some trouble and you are addressed by the police you can be taken back to jail and bail may not be offered again.

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