Why Should You Exercise Your Rights when Arrested in Hanford, CA? Bail to Prepare for Court Date & More

Getting arrested is a situation that no one wants to be put into, but unfortunately mistakes are made, accidents happen and arrests are made. With summer in full swing, law enforcement is on high alert, making arrests for drinking under the influence, domestic disputes and other offences that tend to go on the rise during the summer time. It is important to know beforehand what your rights are after you have been arrested. This will make a big difference in the amount of time you spend in jail, the punishment you are dealt and the quality of legal defense you receive.

When Arrested, Keep your Cool and Be Polite

It is extremely difficult for most people to keep their cool when they feel they have been wronged, especially when police are involved and an arrest is being made. Many serious injuries or even fatalities have occurred because the individual being arrested has not kept their cool, fought police and put themselves in a more serious circumstance when it comes to the charges against them and their own personal safety. Acting in an angry and threatening way can result in the situation turning violent. The police will be much more accommodating to you when you show them complete cooperation and courtesy. If you feel you were treated wrongly during your arrest, you can press charges against the police officers after being released from jail. Be patient and keep your emotions from getting out of control.

Hire a Lawyer After You have Been Arrested

After you have been arrested, the most important step you can take is to hire legal representation and get a lawyer to assist you through the court process. You are allowed to make one phone call after you have been detained, so it is important to use that phone call to contact an attorney or a family member or friend who you trust that will get in touch with an attorney for you. Unfortunately not every one can afford an attorney; if you cannot afford to pay for legal representation you still have the right to have a lawyer represent you in a criminal case. The judge you are assigned to will appoint you a public defender who will take you case without you having to pay them. After you have hired legal representation or been assigned a public defender, it is important that you do not speak to the police without your lawyer present. Your lawyer will give you important legal advice on future court proceedings and steps to take. Also remember that all conversations you have with your lawyer are confidential, so be completely honest with them. Your attorney is not allowed to share any information that you tell them with any outside parties.

Requesting a Bail Bond will Allow Time to Prepare for Court Date

When you are in front of the judge for the first time, request that bail should be set. This is a step that you and your legal representation should discuss before you appear before the judge. The judge you are assigned to will set conditions on bail including the amount of money that must be posted. The amount of money that the judge sets as bail is based on what the judge feels will guarantee that you show up for your court date.

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If the judge sets an amount that is far too expensive, you can then turn to family and friends to assist you in coming up with the money. However, if you have no one to post the money for you, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds to assist you in your bail amount. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is your number one source for reliable bail bonds to give you the extra time needed to properly prepare for your court date.

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