Bail Bond Forfeiture in Fresno CA; Definition, Notice, Hearing, Forms … How a Bail Bonds Company Can Help!

If you ever watch crime shows on TV you may hear the terms bail, bail bondsman, jumping bail, bounty hunter, and bail bond forfeiture. These are all terms relating to someone who is charged with a crime and what happens between being charged and their court date.

What Happens After You are Charged with a Crime

When someone is charged with a crime they are allowed to post a bail bond which permits them to be released while their court case is pending. This temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial is done with the condition that a sum of money that is agreed upon will be paid should they not appear in court. The bail bond company agrees to pay the amount of money if the criminal doesn’t show up making the bail bond kind of like an insurance policy insuring that their client will show up for court. If collateral such as a mortgage or a car is used instead of cash, the bail bond company can sell it to get the cash needed to pay the bond in the event the defendant doesn’t show up or skips bail. The family mem

Bail Bond Forfeiture?

A bail bond forfeiture happens when that criminal or defendant fails to be in court on the scheduled date. The judge will then order a hearing to determine if the defendant had a good reason to miss their court date. Acceptable reasons to miss a court date are; no notification of hearing which means the defendant didn’t get their notice. This only happens when it is proven that the notification wasn’t mailed, if there is an unforeseeable medical emergency like being rushed to the hospital or being forced to stay in a hospital overnight making it impossible for them to be there. The other reason is if their lawyer withdraws without notice within a week of their court date. Those are the only reasons that can allow the defendant to miss their court date. If the reason isn’t a good one then a warrant for their arrest will be issued. If the person cannot be located by the date selected the court will go forward with bond forfeiture proceedings. The company or the individual who posted the money for their bail is then responsible to pay the amount that bail was set at.

Finding Defendants Who Miss Court Dates

Bail bond companies will sometimes hire individuals called bounty hunters or skip tracers to find fleeing defendants. Jumping bail is a felony offense in many jurisdictions which can lead to additional jail time. If they are able find them before the bond forfeiture is finalized then the court generally won’t require the company to pay the bond. If the bail bond forfeiture does go through and the bond is collected, it cannot be refunded.

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