Ramey Warrant in Madera CA; Definition, Purpose & How Long is a Ramey Arrest Warrant Good For?

Ramey Warrant Definition

In layman’s terms a Ramey Warrant is still an arrest warrant but the means in which the warrant is obtained by law enforcement is vastly different. A law enforcement agency will typically obtain a warrant through the District Attorney, in the case of a Ramey warrant; the police agency will bypass the District Attorney and instead go directly to a Judge.

How Does a Ramey Warrant Differ from a Walk Through Arrest Warrant?

In most cases, law enforcement agencies will submit a report to the District Attorney’s office. If the District Attorney feels that the evidence supports the need to file a case, the police agency can ask that the case be filed and a warrant issued simultaneously. This process is referred to as a Walk-through Warrant. With a Ramey Warrant, the arresting officer may choose to skip the District Attorney at least for the time being. The law enforcement agency will submit a report and a declaration to the judge that sets out the reasons for the requested warrant. If the judge feels there is sufficient evidence that the person in question has indeed committed a crime, then he/she will issue a Ramey warrant. Ramey warrants are often requested and processed after normal business hours which makes the process much faster than waiting for more traditional channels to become available.

What is the Purpose of a Ramey Warrant

The most common reason for law enforcement officials to request a Ramey Warrant is when the officer feels he may not have enough evidence for the District Attorney to file the charges. If the judge issues a Ramey Warrant, the police officer can arrest the person and question them to try and obtain additional evidence to further support the case. Should the individual in question refuse to co-operate, the officer will either file the case with the evidence he/she has or release the individual. A Ramey warrant is typically three to four pages long and contains information that includes the name of the suspect, last known address as well as a physical description. A statement of probable cause is also included in the warrant and is prepared by the law enforcement officer under penalty of perjury, along with a description of the crime or crimes that have allegedly been committed by the suspect and a full list of name(s) of any victim(s).

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A bail amount will also be specified in the warrant. Once the suspect is arrested on the Ramey Warrant, he or she will be held for 48 hours to be interviewed and allow the officer to turn over the file containing evidence and statements to the prosecutor’s office. Once this is completed, formal charges may then be officially filed against the suspect. A Ramey Warrant remains valid for 90 days after the date it is issued. If you are interested in learning more about Ramey Warrants, contact the professionals at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds today. Our bail bond agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you through the bail bond process quickly and discretely.

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