Bail Bonds for Hit & Run Charges in Clovis, CA; Sentence, Penalty, Bond & More for Hit & Run Road Collision

Penalties including steep fines and prison can be faced by anyone who flees the scene of a hit and run. If you are arrested for a hit and run in California, you need to understand the steps. Today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to hit and run charges in California.

Penalty for Hit & Run

As mentioned, there are significant penalties in the state of California that include the following:
– Time In Jail
– Loss Of Driver’s License
– Heavy Fines
Depending on the type of accident that you were involved in, do be aware that a hit and run charge may also include other charges. You may have hit an animal for instance. You could be charged with animal abuse if that’s the case. You could be charged with vehicular manslaughter if they died after you left the scene of the accident. Also, a hit and run charge can be classified as a misdemeanor. After damaging property or injuring an animal, this is often true if a driver failed to stop.

When Car Accidents are Not Your Fault

You still should never leave the scene until the emergency services have arrived if an accident was not your fault. The act of leaving can lead to you being arrested and potentially jailed, though you may not have caused the accident. Until the police arrive, and a report is filed, you must remain at the scene.

Factors that Impact Charge for a Hit & Run Road Collision

In cases where you fail to identify yourself or someone else who was involved in a hit and run, you will usually be charged with a misdemeanor. The result of someone being injured or killed is a felony charge. Along with the other charges that could also be brought forward, do note that various mitigating factors can impact the hit and run charge that you receive.

Hit & Run Bail

You will remain in jail until you post bail if in the event you are charged and arrested for a hit and run. For a hit and run charge in California, the average cost of bail is approximately $10,000. If you are charged with a hit-and-run as well as an injury charge, this is how much you will likely need to post. This is lower than various other felony crimes. It may still be more expensive than you can comfortably afford, however.

Sentence & Penalty for a Hit & Run in California

The penalty and sentence for each case is the main factor which determines the cost of bail for a hit and run charge in California. There was property damage then the penalty can be anything up to $1000 if there is no death and no injury, for instance, according to the Vehicle Code Section 20002(a). However, a maximum fine of $10,000 if there was a death or permanent injury a hit and run charge may carry. You will be held in state prison, you may also be sentenced to up to four years.

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If you are charged with a hit and run where someone was injured or fatally harmed, bail is likely to be more expensive. The bail amount could be $50,000 if you are charged with Vehicular Manslaughter, for instance. The actual amount could exceed this figure as this is just an example. It is more likely that the cost of bail will be affordable in hit and runs where only property was damaged. The penalties can still be significant enough that a bail bond will be required, however. If you find yourself in this situation and need to post bail, call Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds and let us assist you!

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