Risks of Not Getting a Walkthrough or Other Bail & Instead Staying in Jail to Wait Hearing in Fresno, CA

Whether you find yourself under arrest or discover you have a warrant you want to surrender to in order to minimize the legalities, spending time in jail is usually not a desire. However, once in jail, it is in your best interest to get out of jail as soon as possible and responsibly handle your legal issues. Today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to discuss the risks of lingering in jail.

Risks of Not Getting Released from Jail on Bail

Caring for Possessions. While you are in jail, your home and possessions are not cared for by you. This can be especially troubling if you live alone. They also know it is the perfect time to rob you if someone knows you’ve been arrested. You could be vulnerable should you don’t have someone watching, and you don’t live with someone else.
Keeping Job. Spending any time in jail can cost you your job. Additionally, if you are unemployed and get out of jail on bond, having finances to support you, save money while enduring trial, as well as finding a new job will be challenging if you are stewing in jail.
Paying Rent. If you a renting a home, you won’t be able to pay rent. If you have pets and plants, you won’t be around to provide the care and companionship they need. You may also need revenue to pay for care. If you are awaiting trial in jail, you are unable to pay your obligations. If you get evicted from nonpayment, your possessions may also be lost along the way.
Arranging Defense. It’s often much easier to create a defense if you’re out and able to meet with them while your attorney can certainly meet with you and call you in jail. If you’re incarcerated, it can be difficult to speak with character witnesses and ask them to write a letter for you, for example. It might make more sense to just stay in jail until your trial if the evidence against you is strong, and you know you’ll be spending some time in prison. It is worth spending less time in jail to fight your case and preserve your lifestyle if in the event the evidence is weak, and there’s a chance of acquittal or a shorter sentence.

Walkthrough Bail Bond Benefits

When a warrant is already known to exist, a walkthrough bail bond is a bail bond organized. When you turn yourself in, the bond is already ready, the bond is created proactively. You will just be in and out of jail without any real time spent there more often than not. Depending on the jail and the seriousness of your crimes, though the real amount of time that it’ll take to complete the “walkthrough.”

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You should talk to a bail bondsman if you are worried about spending time in jail or want to avoid the entire situation. Generally, we can arrange for something called a walkthrough bail bond. When you need bail in Fresno, CA and surrounding areas, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds and let us help you get out of jail as soon as possible so you can tend to your personal needs and legal help.

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