California Abolishes the Statute of Limitations for Rape; Could You Need Bail for an Accused Rape Crime from Decades Ago?

It appears recent allegations made against Bill Cosby and others may have spurred a change in the way California looks at rape. This could mean justice for thousands of rape victims that have been lost in the passing of time but it also means someone could accuse you of a rape that occurred many, many years ago and which you will now be required to defend. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is here to talk about what these changes mean.

Rape Survivors Face Several Barriers in Coming Forward

For rape victims, it isn’t just about telling the nearest person what just happened to you. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame and fear that many victims feel after being raped. For many, there is self-blame even if there is no wrong doing on their part at all. These barriers are a mountain to overcome, and then these victims have a legal time limit they had to work with as well. Now in the state of California, victims will not have this hurdle to get over anymore. For victims, this is life-changing news.

Previous Law Had a Legal Time Limit of 10 Years After Rape Took Place

The previous law requires that persecution of sex related crimes takes place within 10 years after the crime had been committed. If the crime happened to a minor, persecution had to take place before the victim’s 40th birthday. There were some instances where old cases were reopened after solid DNA evidence was found, but for the most part, those time limits were upheld.

California Sends a Message of Justice for Rape Victims

The state of California is sending a message to rape victims everywhere, and that is that they matter. That the crimes committed against them are not okay, and California is willing to take the necessary steps in order to right those wrongs. This tells sexual predators that there is no longer any protection in passing time.

What No Limitations on Rape Means for Those Accused

There are many people that don’t believe this new law is a good thing. They are worried that memories start to fade after a certain period of time and people will be wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The worry is that victims along with witness won’t be able to accurately remember the facts and that could pose huge problems with wrongful convictions in the State of California.

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