Courtroom Etiquette Tips for Defendants in Big Creek, CA; How to Dress for Court & More

Following an arrest, Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is there to bail you out of jail, and from there, you should be responsibly getting organized to get your personal life, and most importantly, beginning your defense with an experienced attorney. During the proceedings, you likely go before the judge several times, and while there, making an impression is important to your cause. Today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to list the basic courtroom etiquette you should apply.

Courtroom Laws & Court Etiquette

1) Arrive at court early. Before you appointed arrival time, experts recommend that you get there 30 minutes early. Make sure to park legally, and avoid arriving with the scrupulous characters that might arouse attention from the prosecutors and courtroom deputies. You make a poor impression arriving late as it is perceived as disrespectful to the judge, court, and everyone else attending.
Bes sure to take your seat at the designated area when you enter the courtroom; the bailiff will direct you. As you wait, sit patiently with good posture as the judge will often take note.
2) Dress for success in court. Dress in the appropriate attire such as something you wear as a CEO or attending church or a funeral. You make a lasting impression and dressing with class will show you have respect for yourself and the court. Ensure if you wear a bread it is well-trimmed, or you are freshly shaven, your hair is clean and kept, nails and other grooming care is done with quality and care.
3) As a defendant, maintain a respectful attitude. Your demeanor and behavior reflect you, as no one looks forward to dealing with the court process, guilty or not, coming in with a despicable attitude, having rude remarks, body language is displaying idiocy. This will have the judge and prosecutor perceive as nothing more than a fool.
4) Stay clear of the prosecutor. Remember that the prosecutor is working against you. Buddying up to you is nothing more than a ruse. Either say nothing, or with a respectful tone address pertinent questions, but be mindful of what you say as they will gather ammunition against you.
5) Address the court with courtesy. When you stand before the judge, in any step of the proceedings, stand with excellent posture, speak softly, but loud enough to be heard. Let your attorney do the talking, and only speak when they instruct you to. Should you need to answer his questions, be sure to use a distinct whisper.
6) Control your emotions in court. During your trial, a poker face is important. Keep your emotions under control even if witnesses are speaking against you truthfully or not. Displaying signs of stress, cockiness, or being upset with waves of emotions can be wrongfully interpreted to not only the judge, but to the prosecutor and jury as well.
7) Exit the court with dignity. Be sure to exit the room with the same respect and class as you came into when it is time to leave the courtroom. Avoid lingering behind as there are likely other scheduled cases after you. Keep conversations with your attorney private and in a quiet corner, or out of the building with no one around.

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