Common Arrests & Bail Bond Estimates in Caruthers, CA; DUI, Drug Possession, Assault & More

Have you ever wondered how much bail bonds cost? You may have a friend or family member in the position of needing help getting a bail bond. When you are faced with paying a bail bond you might be surprised how much it cost. Most may think it’s only a few hundred dollars when in fact, most start near $20,000. Depending on the crime or charge, the bail bond can vary. It may also vary if it was a first time offense. The more often a person is arrested, the higher the cost of the bail will be. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to cover the top crimes or arrests in California, and an estimate cost of the bail.

Bail Bond for DUI

One of the more common arrests made in the state of California is Driving Under the Influence or DUI. A DUI occurs after a person has either consumed too much alcohol, legal or illegal (prescription) drugs, or even if one is sleep deprived. There are a number of ways the officer can determine if you are under the influence. Determinations can be made by test, or by observation. First time DUI arrests can run around $5000 and goes higher for repeated offenses.

Bail for Drug Possession

Possession of drugs is another common and sometime confusing arrest. To explain, marijuana is legal. However, there is a limit to what is legal. If you have in your possession over the allotted amount and you are not an authorized seller, you can be arrested for possession. Prescription drugs are another confusing case. If you are found with a prescription drug that is not yours, it is considered illegal possession. If you are found with illegal drug in your possession, the bail amount varies depending on the amount of illegal drugs that are found in your possession. It varies as well if it is your first offense. However, bail costs can easily be between $20,000 to $100,000. Some extreme cases have even gone up to one million dollars to post bail.

Bail Bond for Assault

If you were arrested due to a fist fight or with a weapon and injuries occurred, this is considered aggravated assault. The severity of the assault will determine how high the bail cost will be set by the court. For example a fist fight is considered minor, while an assault involving a weapon can get really high. Assault on an officer will easily cost $100,000 for bail. With assault charges the bail cost can range from $25,000 and can go up to a million dollars.

Bail Bond for Theft and/or Burglary

Theft and burglary charges vary on how much bail will be set at by the court. Petty theft, such as shoplifting, is a misdemeanor and even repeated offenses can start at $20,000. If arrested for a home or residential burglary, the bail cost will often start at $50,000. If violence or sexual offenses occurred during the crime, the bail will be set even higher. Stealing large equipment or even automobile theft often starts around $20,000 and can go higher.

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Coming up with paying for bail can be impossible, which is why bail bond services are often provided. If you have a loved one or a friend that needs help posting bail, contact Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds today.

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