Drunk Driving Solutions & Strategies to Prevent Needing a Bail Bond in Fresno, CA

Nobody sets out on an evening with every intention of driving drunk. At least we hope that is never anyone’s intent. The problem with alcohol, though it helps people unwind, relive the daily stress and gives people an element of fun, is that no one can think rationally and make right decisions. Alcohol impedes judgment among motor skills and reflexes, which is why driving inebriated is against the law. Not only do you risk getting in legal problems if arrested for a DUI, but you can be responsible for severely injuring someone or yourself as well as ending a life. Today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to share some ideas, tips, and advice on how you can avoid getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

How to Prevent Needing Bail After Being Arrested for Drunk Driving

1) Confiscate keys. This idea is very the party host who knowingly serves alcohol in large quantities to guests. When you party goers arrive take their coats and keys. Place the keys in a secure location where only a sober has access. No one has access to their vehicles if they had a few too many or have not taken the time to sober up. If you are not interested in hosting a slumber party, you can send them home with a driving service company. Keeping your friends safe is the number one goal.
2) Designated driver stays sober. Being the designated driver has the primary responsible of the event; get everyone home safely without the impairment of alcohol. Not only is it your responsible to resist the urge but it is also the responsibility of loved ones to not pressure you into temptation. Designated driver stays sober, if you should fail your objective, ensure a backup plan is placed and contact driving company or use public transportation.
3) Stay where the party is at. If you are going to a friend or family members home, make arrangements to stay the night if your intentions are to consume large quantities of alcohol. If the party is at a bar, clubs, or other venue, sleep it off at the nearest motel.
4) Call a dependable friend. If you are in a predicament where you have consumed too much alcohol or the designated driver failed the group, call a trusted friend or family member that is sober for a ride.
5) Public transportation. Public transportation, such as a bus, is a safe way to get home and is inexpensive.
6) Get the night’s worth of alcohol sober. If you have plans to drink, whether it is at your home or a home of a loved one, make sure you get what you know drink in an average night to eliminate the need to go out for more alcohol after you have already become intoxicated.
7) Have a designated driver. When a group of friends bind together for a night of drinking and good times, ensure a trusted person is assigned to be the designated driver. Whether you rotate turns, draw straws, volunteer system, or recruit a likable character that stays away from alcohol to be the honorary designated driver, make it so. Not only can the designated driver ensure everyone gets home safe, they can also help you avoid other regrettable mistakes that the influence of alcohol might get you into.
8) Get phone numbers. Generally, buddies have each other’s cell numbers in hand, but if you are getting acquainted with other people you do not have a number for, be sure everyone exchanges phone numbers of everyone in the group and for an extra safety check, a number of an emergency contact of sorts if anyone gets separated.
9) Reliable phone. When planning a night out, make sure your phone is adequately charged and usable before venturing out. Whether you are the designated driver or someone planning on some drinking, staying in contact with your group is ideal to avoid taking matters in your hands and driving drunk.
10) Have driving service contact info handy. Taxi, Uber, Lyft, and other such services are readily available. Have their apps or contact information ready in case they are your last resort or only means of not drinking driving.

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