How to Quash & Clear a Traffic or Other Arrest Warrant with a Walkthrough in Hanford, CA

When you know or find out that there is an active warrant out for your arrest you might panic. There are times that people are unaware of a warrant because they have moved or their information through the state is incorrect. That means you could have an old warrant that needs to be cleared. If you fail to clear a warrant in the state of California the police will be actively searching for you. If you are pulled over for a minor traffic violation they will run your name and take you to the jail. This is an entire process that could potentially been avoided if you did what you could to clear the warrant.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Offers Tips for What Kind of Warrant You Might Have & How to Clear It

Bench Warrant: The most common type of warrant that people tend to have is called a bench warrant. People also refer to them as a body attachment but bench warrant is more common because of how they are issued. If you have a bench warrant in your name, a judge has set the warrant and issued it from the bench. Hence the name bench warrant. These types of warrants are not given for criminal mischief but more likely due to a missed court date or failure to pay a court ordered fine or fee. The warrant is enough to book someone into the jail and processed.
Arrest Warrant: If you have an arrest warrant it is different from a bench warrant. Although they both allow the police officer to pick you up and take you to jail they are issued in a different manner. The arrest warrant actually starts with an officer. The officer will have evidence to support the arrest of an individual and have the warrant issued. You can be taken into custody on any type of warrant including an arrest warrant.
How to Quash or Clear a Warrant: If you know that you have a bench warrant and you want to try and have it cleared you have some work to do. It is best to contact an attorney or a bail bond company to help with the arrangements. You will need to attend court and be seen by a judge to complete the process of clearing the warrant. Often times you can send an attorney in on your behalf whole other circumstances will require you to attend the hearing. The judge has several options that they can use when hearing a case on a warrant. One is having you arrested and booked into the jail. They may also choose to release you with a warning and reset the appearance that you missed. They may also clear the warrant all together. When you come with an attorney they are able to argue on your behalf to have the warrant cleared so you are not actually arrested and booked.

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