FAQ’s Regarding a “Warrant Walk Through” Bond in Visalia CA; Becoming Officially Arrested to Avoid Time in Jail

Having a warrant out for your arrest is not a pleasant feeling. A heavy burden is placed on your shoulders, and the constant worry of being publicly arrested at a routine traffic stop, a Hollywood action packed sequence while you are at your job, or the boys in blue bearing down on you while you are trying to enjoy a family meal are all stressful thoughts you carry moment to moment. For minor offenses like not appearing in traffic court, unpaid traffic tickets, or things of that nature, a warrant walk through might be more ideal for you.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to offer FAQ regarding warrant walk through bonds for your understanding.

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Q: What is a Warrant Walk Through?
A: It is a court arrangement through a preapproved bail bondsman that allows you to be booked and processed by turning yourself in through a warrant. In this way, even though you were documented as being arrested, you do not spend any time in jail.
Q: Why is necessary to be “officially” arrested?
A: When there is an offense, like a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor, it is lawful to perform an arrest to satisfy the arrest warrant, which is a necessary event to resolve a case. When there is an outstanding arrest warrant, it is more time efficient for the courts and everyone involved to utilize the warrant walk through. When you get through the process of a warrant walk through, you are turning yourself in without the jail time, which helps you tremendously in your case, and in small menial cases, it is often dismissed.
Q: Is it possible for an arrest warrant to be dismissed or recalled?
A: There is a misconception concerning warrants that were issued on false accusations or incomplete evidence, that a judge will automatically dismiss the warrant. Those tactics are great to use in defenses on trial, but they are not relevant to the arrest warrant.
Q: What is the general protocol of a Warrant Walk Through?
A: In California, it depends on which County the warrant is issued. In Kings County, a representative from Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will accompany you to the jail to begin the procedure. An officer will confirm warrants issued in their database. Once the warrant is located, you are officially in custody while the process continues. During the walk through, the officer will ask you basic questions regarding your personal information, along with finger printing and booking photos. After the “booking” steps, the officer will confirm warrants, accept the bail bond and lift the warrant out of the system. You are then given a copy of your bond. Avoid losing your copy as it contains your court date. Depending on the jail, you may then have to go to a processing section of the jail to complete the release paper work. Typically, those with the warrant walk through are given priority for your release. Avoid bringing personal property; just have a government issue ID such as passport or drivers license ready. During the process an officer may have to hold your personal effects. Once the procedure is completed you will get everything back. In Fresno, Madera and Tulare Counties, the process is even easier for taking care of your active warrant. These counties allow you, the person with a warrant, to meet with Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds at our office and fill out paperwork to make arrangements for us to take care of the jail and court; without you even having to be at the jail in person!

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