First Time Inmate Visiting in Fresno, CA; Requirements to Visit Someone in Jail & Bail to Get Them Out

When a loved one gets arrested, your first response is to visit them in jail and check for their well-being, offer support, and encourage them to do what they can get them right with the law. As you take on the daunting task of heading to the jail where your loved one is being held, you should keep in mind you are putting yourself in an intimidating environment. To help alleviate the stomach butterflies and make the visit as pleasant as you can hope for, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to share some tips, advice, and suggestions on how to approach the endeavor.

First Time Visiting Someone in Jail?

1) Know the jail rules. Each specific jail has its own rules and guidelines that you must comply with and ignorance to them won’t help you if you break any of them. Whether or not you agree with the specified rules does not matter, you have to if you expect to stay. These rules are very serious and stringent and there isn’t room for bending them. In the event this is your first time visiting the jail, call ahead and ask for the visitation rules, and confirm the dates and time frame visitors are allowed. Many times, this information is posted online for your convenience, but if not, make the phone call.
2) Plan the jail visits. In some jails, there are times when there is a limit to how many visitors each inmate is given a day. Coordinate with other family members and friends and make certain you don’t make the drive only to be turned away because the visitors have already met their limit.
3) Call to find out the inmate visitor process. Some jails require a visitor list ahead of time. To minimize the hoops you have to jump through to visit your loved ones and to make the initial visit to the jail a bit easier and to increase the time you can visit.
4) Bring valid ID. Generally, the jails do not allowed visitors that do not have a valid ID. Make certain you do not leave it behind.
5) Never bring weapons. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. Do not, under any circumstances, bring any type of weapon with you. The guards will search you before you enter and even the smallest pocket knife attached to the multi-tool will have you sent away. Refrain from bringing anything with you that can be construed as a weapon.
6) Don’t be late. Visiting hours are set and showing up late will not let you allow you extra time. Never show up high or drunk either.
7) Wear modest attire. If any one comes to jail to visit an inmate, the guards are well within their right to turn away those in any revealing or provocative clothing. Showing off too much can get you sent home without seeing your loved one.
8) Bail talk. You may be in a position to help your loved one post bail and get out of jail sooner if they are still waiting to see the judge.

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