Similarities & Differences Between Jail & Prison in Dinuba, CA; Bail For Inmates Awaiting Trial & More

If you have never been arrested or you are helping a loved one who has been arrested there are lots of things that you need to know. One thing that you need to do is call a bail bond company in your area that can work with the jail to get your loved one released. Even if you are released on bail you are not free to do as you please. There are stipulations that go along with release and if you do not follow all of them you will be taken back to jail to await your trial or sentence. The process of being arrested can be frustrating and confusing but when it comes to jail and prison many people don’t really know the difference.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Explains the Differences & Similarities Between Jail & Prison

Is there a Difference Between Jail & Penitentiary?: These are both terms that are used when someone is arrested and people talk about what happened. Many people use the terms as the same thing but they are different types of institutions. A jail is a local institution that is used to house people that have been arrested. They only stay in this location until they are able to see a judge for trial and sentencing. They are then shipped out to a prison or penitentiary to finish out their sentence. The jail is also used for people that are sentenced to a short stay often under one year. When you are sent to a prison this is a federal building that is used to house inmates that have been convicted and sentenced to more than a year. All prisons are not treated the same either.
What is a Juvenile Youth Prison: This is a prison that is used to keep convicted criminals that are under the age of 18. They are considered a minor and because of that they are kept out of the main prison where the general population is. They often are able to have more freedoms than the adult prison because they want to take advantage of rehabilitation with a young person in hopes of keeping them from returning.
Level of Prison Security: There are three levels of security when it comes to prisons. They are labeled in this way to keep the inmates and guards safe. The type of inmate that is housed in each one depends on the crime and the background of that individual. The first level that offers the most freedom is called a minimum security prison. This is where you will often find criminals that have done some type of white collar crime such as during business. They can be given a long sentence and still be housed at this level. The next level is called medium security and this is a large majority of the inmates that you may come across. The inmates are usually kept in a stricter environment with higher level guards. They can be the type of criminals that have committed a crime that can be aggressive or even a small amount of violence. Then there is the maximum security prison that the worst offenders are sent to. The level of movement and freedom is very low and they are often kept apart from each other as well.

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