Types of Bail Bonds in Kingsburg, CA; Cash, Federal, Immigration, Property, Surety & More

There are different kinds of bail bonds that can be used to help bail a loved one from jail. Some bonds are far more applicable and/or more beneficial in the different scenarios that present themselves. Following an arrest, it could take months before the trial is scheduled. Sitting in jail is not optimal for most as they wait several months for their trial to begin. Bonds are in place to allow an individual time outside of jail to prepare for court and get their personal life in order while also ensuring the defendant will appear in court. Knowing what your options with the different types of bail are in the event you need to be bailed out of jail can help expedite the process. Below we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds have identified the different kinds of bail available for your individual needs.

Types of Bail Bonds

Cash Bail Bond: Paid in cash, a cash bond is a bond that can be used in all cases if you are in a position to pay it in cash if you so choose. In some cases, a cash bond is the only option when the court believes an individual is a flight risk it serves as an incentive to show up to the trial.
Federal Bond: To be released from jail if a person was charged with committing a federal crime, they would need to pay a federal bail bond. Being that federal crime is more serious; the bonds are typically more expensive and also require a surety bail bondsman.
Immigration Bond: Used for non-citizens who are present in the United States, an immigration bond is a type of federal bond. Depending on a several factors such as the type of crime, level of flight risk, collateral availability, and so on, these bonds are usually more expensive and can cost as much as 15% -20% of the total bail amount.
Property Bond: The defendant or anyone willing to put up collateral on behalf of the defendant, pledges of real property is what is involved with a property bond. As the person putting up bond has full rights to the property or is authorized to use it any type of property may be used. Real estate property is the most common. This bond takes weeks to secure because this bond requires that a property be assessed for its value.
Surety Bond: For an individual who does not have resources to the full amount of money they need at that point in time, a surety bond is ideal. For a non-refundable service fee, which typically 10% of the total bail, a bail bond company steps up and pays the bond for them. With the surety bond, it is then the bail bond company to ensure the defendant shows up to court.
Unsecured Bond: The defendant is not required to pay the money up front with an unsecured bail bond. However, the defendant is required to sign a contract agreeing to pay the court the bail bond amount if he or she does not appear in court.

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Now that you know the different types of bail available, you can better understand what you need to get yourself or a loved one released from jail. We know his can be a difficult time and you likely have many questions. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds is ready to get the bail bond you need and can answer questions you may have. Call us today to get started!

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