How Do Bail Bonds Work in Malaga, CA & What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

If you have never been arrested then you may not know what bail is all about. If you have been arrested and you have posted bail before you still may not realize everything that happened. The person that has been arrested is often in a hurry to get out of jail and will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal. From the time you are arrested to the time you get out on bail may seem like it takes a long time but the process is often quite fast. You are picked up by the police for a slew of crimes and taken into the jail in your area. The process from this point is the same for most jails where they get to walk you through the booking process. Once you are booked is the time that you will have to get to see a judge. The judge will look at your case, crime and background and make a recommendation on bail amount. You are then put in an area of the jail that houses inmates. You will need to take over from this point if you want to be released from jail on bail. The bail amount varies but is often high enough that you don’t have it laying around in the bank. The amount of money you are required to pay can be adjusted if you use a bail bondsman.

Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds Explains What a Bail Company Does & Why We Are a Benefit When You Have Been Arrested!

You Don’t Have to Pay Full Bail Amount: When you find out that a loved one has been arrested you will start to get information gathered. You will have to wait until they have been processed and see a judge before you can work on bailing them out. The interesting thing is that the bail is often an amount of money that is too high to pay outright. If you don’t have thousands of dollars in your account to pay the entire fee you need a bail company. The bail company will work with you and allow you to pay them a fee which is much smaller than the bail and really only a small percent. Then they can go to the jail and post a surety bond that is good for the entire amount on your behalf.
Bail Bond Company Stays in Close Contact: After we have put up our own money to bail a person out of jail, we keep in close contact. You will often be required to leave names and addresses of the people that are closest to you. We want parents, spouse, kids and friends so we can contact you in any circumstance. We will require you to check in often and get to each and every required court date. If you stop contacting the bail agency we can pull the bond and take you back to jail.
Bounty Hunter: If you jump bail or you don’t end up going to your court date, the bail company is on the hook. The bail company will need to have the person picked up and taken back to the jail. This is a process that some call bounty hunting and many bail companies will use an outside source.

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