How Do You Set Up Bail to Get Out of Jail Fast & What Does Exonerated Mean on a Bail Bond in Los Banos, CA?

When you are arrested for some kind of crime there are some steps that will occur. Whether you are guilty or not there is a process that needs to be taken regardless. The arresting officer will be taking you to the jail where you need to be processed in order for anything else to happen. The first thing is that the jail will need to process you, take mug shots, fingerprint you and put in in holding. Then you have to see a judge before you will be able to apply for bail. The judge will set the amount that is needed for the bail so that you can contact a bail bond company. The company that you use will need to be in the area that you are arrested in. They can contact the jail on your behalf and talk to them about what is needed. This is the time that you will also need to contact a family member or loved one so that they can sign for your bond. Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds outlines what happens to your bail and what bail exoneration is.

How Do You Set Up Bail?

The first step when setting up bail occurs when you see the judge. Depending on your crime and your background the amount will be set. After the judge has decided that bail is acceptable for you then you need to find a bail company. They can be contacted by a loved on that is willing to help you out. They call the bail company who will need some information about your arrest. They need the facility that you are held at and your personal identification information. Then the jail works from there. Depending on the laws in your state the amount that is required may be different. There will be time that the cosigner will need to go meet with the bail company and sign the paperwork and pay the portion that is required.

What Happens After You Get Out of Jail on Bail?

Once the bail has been processed the jail will receive the necessary paperwork to release the arrestee. Once they are released there is more that you need to be aware of. You are still required to attend all court dates and any other mandated services that the judge has required. If you fail to do any of these assignments even by mistake you are eligible for your bail to be revoked. You then will be taken back to the jail where you are required to wait until your trial.

What Is Bail Exoneration?

Bail exoneration is what happens at the end of your case. When you attend your last court date after you have been sentenced or found not guilty the judge can offer a bail exoneration. This means that the cosigner and the defendant are no longer liable for the agreement of the terms of the bail. It also lets the bail bond company off the hook as well.

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