What Do You Do when Someone You Know Gets Arrested in Livingston, CA? What a Bail Bond Agent Asks & More

Getting a call form a loved one saying they just have been arrested, and need a bail can be trying. What if you never have had to bail someone out before? For those first timers we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds will help cover the needed information you will need to get your loved one out of jail and out fast on a Bail Bond.

What Info Does a Bail Bond Agent Need?

There is certain information that a bail agent will need in order to help you apply for a bail bond. So before you begin making phones call to different bail bond agencies, try to collect as much information about the person who has just been arrested. This will help aid for a quicker and smoother release for you, the person arrested, and the bail bond agent. Here is the following standard information that is asked for when applying for a bail bond.
• The full name of the person who was arrested.
• Where is the person in custody being held?
• The persons booking number.
• What are the charges against the person?
• How much will their bail cost be?
• Any other information about his or her arrest that may be important.

What Do You Do when Someone You Know Gets Arrested & Needs Bail?

So when you get that unexpected call your first response may to be to scold the person on the other end of the phone. But try to resist, remember they only have a limited amount of time and the more information they can give you, the quicker it will be to get their release. So when they tell you they have been arrested, ask where they are. It might be in another state, city, and county. Make sure you get that information as well as what jail they are housed in. Then ask for their booking number. They may have no idea in that event that you can call the correctional institution they are being held at for that information. Before you seek a bail bond have that information ready. Also ask them the nature of their arrest. The more details you have the quicker and more efficiently the paperwork can be done. If they know their bail amount, that too will aid in a quicker release. Once again this information is recorded at the correctional institution they are being held at. If the arrested person seems a bit clueless, a phone call to the correctional institution they are being held at will have all the information that a Bail Bond company will need.

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It is never easy to deal with the aspect of having your loved one arrested. Yes we may sometimes think it might make that person rethink their decisions and strive to change their life. But many times it was just a simple mistake. A bail bond can help give the arrested person a second chance of redemption. We at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds just wants to aid in the release of your loved one who may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. We hope that you feel more prepared for that call if it comes. If your loved one finds themselves arrested and needing a bail bond, Ajua Bail Bond is here to help.

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