How is Bail Set for DUI, Vehicular Manslaughter, Hit and Run & Other Serious Traffic Violations in Madera, CA?

Most people think traffic crimes are often dismissed as simple violations such as speeding or making an illegal U-turn; however, they include very serious charges like DUI, vehicular manslaughter, and hit-and-run as well. More serious offenses can result in thousands of dollars in bail while minor offences rarely involve arrests and are handled by traffic courts. Today, we at Robert Sepulveda Bail Bonds would like to discuss setting bail for traffic violations.

Bail Forfeiture for Traffic Infraction

The law officer may evaluate whether the driver committed a traffic infraction or more serious offense like driving under the influence when a driver is pulled over for speeding. The driver will be served with a traffic ticket, which includes a fee if in the event the driver is only suspected of an infraction. Fighting their infraction in court, to pay the fee, or sometimes, to attend traffic school are a few choices the defendant can choose. It is called “bail forfeiture,” meaning the defendant is accepting the charge, and related DMV penalties when a defendant pays a fee without fighting the infraction. Occurring when a defendant misses a court date and loses the chance to get their bail back upon completing a trial, traffic bail forfeiture is different from bail forfeiture in a criminal case.

What are the Most Common Traffic Violations?

The driver may face misdemeanor or even felony charges with more serious traffic violations. When your case involves a crime, you can be sent to jail, have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in fines, and be placed on probation with more serious traffic violations. You may need to pay bail to get out of jail for the duration of your trial as well. Though not all traffic stops will lead to an arrest, the ones that do can result in serious penalties. The traffic violations that commonly involve bail include:
– Fleeing a law enforcement officer.
– Without a license or with a suspended license, you are driving.
– You are found under the influence of alcohol while driving.
– Vehicular manslaughter
– Street racing
– Hit-and-run

How Bail is Set for Traffic Violations

The court will need to evaluate whether you can receive bail if in the event you are arrested for a traffic violation. If you have no prior charges and the offense was minor, there is the possibility that the court will release you without bail for a misdemeanor. A single DUI offense can result in a $2,500 bail; multiple offenses can get as high as $15,000, however. A judge will consider with traffic violations include the following list below.
– The California bail schedule
– The aggravating factors and the severity of a crime
– The defendant’s flight risk
– The criminal record if the defendant’s

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